Monday, May 30, 2011

Florals Baby :)

Hello my lovely readers! How has your memorial weekend been? Basically mine has been like this : ear infection. Ugh. But, being sick does give me an excuse to lie around in bed all day, in yoga tights and big comfy sweatshirts, so maybe there's a tiny plus to the pain :)
But, though my ear has been throbbing, and I have been very tired--feel special, because I broke out the tripod just for you guys. I'm actually really loving this whole pretending-to-be-a-fashion blogger thing. It's really fun to put on pretty clothes and pose in front of the camera. Like being a model, without the pressure to be skinny, beautiful, and perfect. Fashion blogging is so much more authentic because it involves real people, with real bodies, flaws and all, with real lighting, and more often than not, a self applied make up and hair job :P
So, I shall continue with this outfit blogging as often as I can, or until something more interesting catches my eye :)

Isn't it cute? The dress is from Wet Seal, the cardigan is from Target, and the shoes were a steal from Target for $10 :)

Now here's the outfit without the cardigan...It's a nice outfit for church with the cardigan, and for a party, dinner, or date :)
And a last silly picture..

So I really like this outfit...not too fancy, it can be dressed up or down, depending on the shoes and accessories, heels could make it fancy, flats make it casual.
So I hope you guys liked it! It has kind of a modern-retro vibe that I like, and I am DYING to get over to Target, because basically, the entire women's clothing section IS modern-retro...I love it. All these adorable dresses and rompers, and cool pair of ripped up skinnies that I have my eye on. I can't wait till my ear gets better..then I can buzz right over and shop :P
Anyways, I know, short post today, but enjoy the pictures and have a fabulous Memorial Day vacation!

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  1. aww i hope you feel better!!!
    LOVE the dress! I LOVE WET SEAL!!!! <33