Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fashion Crushes

A-floral-able Dress
($11.92 Forever                                                               ($4.50
($4.00 Charlotte
                                                                                           (29.99 Charlotte
Denim Sailor Trouser                          
($5.00 AWESOME sale at Wet   
A Real Sage-turner Dress  


                                                                                                                  Even Butter-scotch Dress

                                           Street Safari Boot







RGB Nail Polish
($49.99    ($14.99 Urban Outfitters)
     (15.99                            (14.99
                                                              Possibly the cutest pencil sharpener ever!!
Urban Renewal Chambray Suspender Skirt           
                      (49.99             ($21.99      

So those are basically just some of my clothing crushes lately...Pretty much all vintage and floral-type clothes, and I do have a penchant for all those cute little rings :) I would do an outfit post, but my camera is all out of charge, so I figured this would be the next best thing! How has y'alls summer vacation been so far? Mine has been lovely, sleeping in and lolling about all day reading Lucky magazine and books that I saved for summer reading :) It has been so hot outside, that although I would love to fulfill the idyllic picture of a freespirited redhead frolicking about in the woods and is entirely too hot for that, the lovely picture would be spoiled by humidity and sweat everywhere. So I've been mainly inside, drooling over clothes online and in magazines. Somebody should have told me that shopping is so addictive...It's a good thing I made a commitment to save all my paychecks or I wouldn't have any money right now, due to having spent it all on clothes :P I'm actually considering as a goal this summer to learn how to sew, so I can actually make some of these things on my own, thus saving me money :P I'll probably start with a skirt, but my goal is to create a closet full of adorable vintage ensembles. So I think I'll be researching vintage fashion bloggers who sew their own clothing for inspiration and breaking out the old sewing machine!
                         So. That's my news! Have a lovely rest of the week, my pretties!

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