Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fruit Loops Are Amazing

Hello my lovelies! How has your week been going? Mine's been going pretty great, been relaxing alot, and really expanding my horizons as far as blogs go. I never knew there were so many amazing blogs out there. Sometimes it makes me feel insignificant, like I'm just one lonely little blog in a gigantic universe of bloggers. But other times it makes me feel really awesome, like I'm part of this huge blogging family, all striving for creativity and other awesomeness.
Psh, yeah, I know, weird face in this picture. Who knows what I was thinking about just then?
You might also be noticing that I tend to wear skinny jeans alot. Well, I'm kind of making up for all the lost time, because before the beginning of this year I NEVER wore skinny jeans. I was adamant in my opinion that they were uncomfortable, too tight, and made my legs look fat.
I have since then, been converted. I have realized a) that my legs aren't fat, simply muscular, and I have to deal with it, b) That skinny jeans are extremely comfortable once you break them in, and c) that skinny jeans go with almost anything, and therefore, are a style must-have.
I used to associate skinny jeans with preppiness. I would look in disgust upon my arch-nemisi (plural of nemesis?), with their fried straight hair, loads of eyeliner, skinny jeans, converse, and hollister\aero\abercrombie shirts. They represented everything I didn't like about modern American culture. They didn't choose those clothes because they liked them, they chose them because everyone else did. They seemed so fake to me. I avoided skinny jeans because I didn't want to succomb to the fakeness like they did, wallowing in their lake of fake.
But now, I wear skinny jeans proudly, knowing that the jeans don't make me, I make the jeans! They are only as fake and cliche as the person who is wearing them, and since I refuse to be that person, they are unique, stylish, and awesome.
I love them

Oh. And the shirt is from TJ Maxx and the jeans are from Kohls.
Yeah, I get carried away sometimes. But I feel strongly about them jeans!
And the fakeness of some parts of modern society. What can I say?
It's a defense mechanism that comes from growing up in the deep south, wear fake is almost as common as fried chicken and sweet tea. Everywhere you look there are fake tans, fake blondes, fake botoxed faces, fake teeth, fake smiles.
My dream is to find a little town somewhere where some people are actually naturally pale an don't care, where people smile with crooked teeth, and everybody is just cool with the hair color God gave them. A little gem of genuineness among faux diamonds, a fruit loop among cheerios.
(picture courtesy of Sweet Little Chickadee)
I just love that. Isn't it amazing how much fruit loops can teach you about life? Like don't be afraid to stand out, be different from the norm, to throw away the world's little rule book of what you should and shouldn't be.
I have braces.
I sometimes snort when I laugh.
I say things in singsong voices.
I love dorky little shows like Avatar and Pushing Daises.
I wish I lived in the 1940's.
I treat my dog like a human.
I love to swing dance.
I think bearded dragons are really cute.

I choke up when I play the piano in public.
I pretty much can only do a high harmony when singing.
I tend to have mood swings, really high, then really low.
I am obsessed with Forever 21.
I love christian rap with every molecule in my body.
I have to dance when music plays.
My hair sometimes decided to blow up with frizz.
I am covered in freckles.
My hair is a combination of brown, red, and blonde.
I suck at video games.
I beat my family all the time in the cardgame Egyptian Ratslap.
I have a really sarcastic sense of humor.
I hate Justin Beiber.
Pictures of celebrities without makeup make me so glad I am not one.
This is my favorite rap song ever:
I think Dave Matthews is a genius and Jack Johnson makes my feel like taking a roadtrip.
I'm homeschooled.
I love mud and wide open spaces.
Jesus is the best ever.

There's nothing cheerio about that is there?

Ari <3

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