Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"This is the most tragical thing that has ever happened to me!!"

You know what I thought of when I first tried on this outfit? The first thing that popped into my mind? Anne of green gables. You know how she has that fixation with puffed sleeves? I imagine she would approve of these sleeves :)

I apologize for the conspicious bare feet...all I can say is I'm a Florida girl, and its summer. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing shoes inside, and most of the time, not outside either.
I always have felt a kinship to Anne of Green Gables, having shared so many of her hardships and joys. I too was afflicted with freckles and red hair (though not as red as hers), I also have a vivid imagination, love to read, and love my friends and family with all my heart. I can also be forgetful and tend to make silly mistakes sometimes, though I've never dyed my hair green, or flavored a cake with anodyne liniment! And you can be sure that if Gilbert Blythe had called me carrots, the LAST thing I would have done is break a slate over his head. That boy is adorable, and every time I watch that movie I think Anne is crazy for disliking him as long as she did. What is there not to like?
I mean look at that face! And that adorable curly hair! Anne is crazy I tell you :P

There's not much happening in the world of Ari this week, its summer vacation, I have a pretty bad cold, and I am just relaxing and really enjoying the time I have to focus on my story, this blog and my friends :) Summer truly is a wonderful time...if only it wasn't so darn hot!
But I am thankful.
In fact, I'm thankful for alot of things, but one specifially popped out to me today as I was editing these photos. A long time ago, around four or five years ago, one of my biggest wishes was to have dimples. I thought they were completely adorable. Well now, I don't know how it happened, but when I smile, the faintest of dimples appears in both my cheeks. Isn't God great? That he would listen to something as silly as my wishing for dimples and actually giving it to me...that just blows my mind. What little wishes has God granted you?
Have a great rest of the week!

PS...I wanted to send a shoutout to Gabriella from Breathing In...I'm so sorry I havent commented on your blog..I have tried several times but every time I try there is some kind of error, and it won't let don't think I haven't been reading--I have! Commenting has just been difficult for some reason...maybe you could install a cbox, those are usually easier to comment and chat on :)Love you girl!!

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  1. awwwww i just saw this!!!!!!!
    1. i think your outfit is SO adorable! you sure pull it off!
    2. aww i love your shoutout(: ima see about that commenting thingy RIGHT AWAY!
    love you!