Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kewtness :D

Okay. So lately I've been having this thing with photography blogs with unusual subjects. My two favorite which I will sharing with you today---involve teeth and mice :P
But don't worry. It's adorable.
Okay. So basically its this whole blog about two little teeth, named Ickle and Lardee :)

*sniff* SO CUTE!!

*sobs* SOOO CUTE!!!

Basically the cutest idea ever. You can find the blog at this link

The next blog is about little mice :) It is also extremely cute.

Adorable right? I have no idea how the photographer was able to set this up, but its awesome!

*sigh* It's so dreamy!!

 You can find these images and lots of other cute ones here

I'm starting dual enrollment at UWF tomorrow!! And I am SOO excited!! For a homeschooler its like a dream come true--real classes with real people and real teachers and real homework and real textbooks :)
It makes me very happy inside! I'll report everything tomorrow!!
Have an awesome week girlies!!

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