Monday, January 9, 2012

Rock and Roll Soul...

Hey girls!!

I really love these photos too...

I worked so hard on this one, but I really like the slogan.

Today was my first day of classes though, and honestly, it was so much fun!! My precal class sounds manageable, and my English class looks like it's going to be a ton of fun, my teacher is pretty young and creative, and I love getting creative in english, that's kind of my niche :)
I just love being back on campus, seeing my old friends and making new ones, honestly its super great, but of course I say that now, at the beginning of the school year, who knows what I'll be thinking mid-semester!
But honestly, for a former homeschooler, this is completely awesome, and i love it. Dual enrolling was one of the best decisions God ever pushed me into.
Thanks Father!!
Have a great week you guys!


  1. how could anyone think Led Zeppelin & Stevie Wonder are weird?! They are classics! I think your new header is pretty darn awesome.

  2. Thankyou!! And i completely agree...their classics for a reason!