Friday, October 7, 2011

Serenity Captured.

I had the best day at the beach the other day. I didn't touch the water, just walked around with my camera taking pictures. The lighting, the angles, the shapes, the was beautiful, praise God! Sometimes I forget how much I truly love photography, I'm constantly surrounded by the same scenery, but when I go somewhere's amazing. I had such a good time, and I hope you guys enjoy these pictures as much I loved taking them :)

As for me...I've been having an awesome time. God blessed me with a few friends in all my classes,  I went out to lunch at a local restaurant McGuire's Irish Pub with my friends from english was so much fun!

For all y'all homeschoolers out there--if dual enrollment is an option in your town--DO IT. I don't care how shy or socially awkward you think you are, college will be good for you. It's been amazing for me :)
Have a great weekend y'all!!
(Oh yeah. I'm breakin my southern gurl accent y'all :P)

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