Sunday, September 25, 2011

Splashes of Inspiration

What a wonderful idea! Yarn in a fishtail braid!

*source unknown*
Look at those colors!

Love at first blush etsy shop...I want that necklace so bad!

D'awwww look at those blue eyes!! :)

So that's my little splash of inspiration for y'all today :) Have an awesome week girlies!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer Swept Back

First of all, I must apologize for going all AWOL on you's been a busy week, but I truly am sorry for my absence, I'll try to warn you guys the next time something like that happens, alright?'s almost fall, guys!! And I am so excited! Fall is one my favorite times of year. The light gets more golden and the air gets cooler, an people start to break out their warm things that they haven't been able to wear in's a wonderful time.

But I am SOSOSOSOO excited because I finally have my camera charger back, so I can finally share some more pictures from Idaho with you guys!! So without further ado..Idaho pictures!

And the scenery was just gorgeous, what a display of God's majesty, beauty, and creativity!

Okay, there are tons more, but I am SUPER tired and thats all I wanted to edit...again I am super sorry for leaving you guys for so long...but it is the school year, and honestly, I can't say my posting is going to be super regular. School takes precedence over any blog, and that's just the honest truth.
So have an awesome week girls, and enjoy the photos!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All Things Cute...and Cute...

Isn't this Harry Potter cartoon hilarious? it's the entire Sorcerer's Stone movie wrapped up into one piece of paper...and I find it adorable!! And SPEAKING of adorable....
Check these out!!
It's some of the owls from harry potter!! Isn't that CUTE??? I mean LOOK at them!!
*sniff* SO CUTE!
They can be found at calico owls, at at some of the other ones from the etsy shop!
RESERVED FOR TONYA: Clay Creamsicle Pygmy Owl Harry Potter Inspired Owlery
Okay..maybe I have a gigantic weakness for owlies...but how could anyone say no to that face??
RESERVED ORDER for RUTH: Snape, Godric, & Pomona, Harry Potter Inspired owlery
Yeah. The cuteness is kind of killing me right now *sniff*

Check out all these cute little animal critters that I found while blogsurfing!

These little bandits can be found here

I love this plate design by Jim Bobart on etsy!

Look at the little snail!! Royal Mint at

Barn Owl Upcycled Vintage Side Plate
Yeah. Like I said. I have this thing with owls. Made by NightOwlHandmade on etsy :)

Awh.  source unknown.

A Coyote with fireboots! I swear some people are so creative!!
Corduroy shop on
A bird. On a coaster. Yep. It's adorable. found here
On a side note...look at these little cameras!
I officially want one now. It's tiny, cute, and spits out the little instax photos found at here

SO CUTE!! It's tiny!! found at here

Kay girlies. That's all for today :) Had an amazing time at college, and its just a gorgeous day I'm VERY happy!!
Have a great rest of the week!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Somethin On My Mind...

Hey girlies! It's labor day! Which means no school! Which means I have time to sit here and do a blogpost! So everybody benefits :)
So. You know how was up in Idaho? Well I had a suspicion that my camera charger got left uo there somehow, and just yesterday my friend Rachel up there found it!! I'm so excited! I can finally show you guys the pictures that I took from the trip, as soon as she sends it down :)
BUT BUT BUT I want show you guys what I've been thinking about doing with my hair---

Red curly hair with black tips! Whaddya think? I rather like the idea meself :) I probably won't go as far up as she did, probably only my tips and a couple incches higher...I like the contrast, and it creates dimension. My hair already has alot of blonde in it, but it mostly in the front, so I may add a few highlights farther back to even things out.
Other little wishes:
no. 407  Silver Chevron Dangle Earrings
I love that these earrings from look like chevron marks :) And arrows :)
no. 456  Gold and Quartz Droplets
I also love raw pieces of rocks and gemstones used as jewelry...unrefined and beautiful naturally.
no. 456  Gold and Quartz Droplets

This awesome bag from modcloth!!

Okay, I have this thing for miniature plants...and yeah, these kind of made me squeal loudly the first time I saw them.
And if this little beauty from here doesn't make you go "AWWW!!" then we are having amajor problem here, and you need to go to cute therapy :)

And these amazing pictures from here

Sorry its a short post today....but these things are what's on my mind :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Indian Soul this picture is mine...but unforunately I don't have any more because my camera charger is missing :( So you guys have to be okay with pictures from other blogs okay?
That's what I've been doing for the past few posts, but it's probably going to bea while before I find one or get another charger, kay? I'm super sorry it can't be my photography, but the images are beautiful, I'll be sure of that :)

                                                                Isnt this shirt gorgeous?

this picture from here

                                                                       found here
                                                                 found here

Gypsy Woman
source unknown

I've really been inspired by native american style clothing and jewelry lately..take a look at these dresses, I just love them--
Daybreak Mix Aztec Pocket Dress

Fiery Diamond Top

Mayan Vision Printed Pullover

leather leaf necklace

DREAM essential locket necklace
DREAM essential locket necklace

native dreamer a feather for your hair
native dreamer a feather for your hair

earthy punk rock sacred copper earrings

Alchemy Full Triangle Verdigris Patina necklace 

Azteca Arrow Earrings
Aztec Warrior Feather Headband
Rain Over Me Maxi Dress

Anyway, thats my collection of inspiration for today :) I just love feathers, wild horses, and geometric patterns. So finding these pictures was like heaven to me.
My second week of school was pretty awesome, I learned that I actually like my algebra class instead of hating it like I thought I would, and i'm meeting tons of awesome people in all my classes.
If I knew school would be so much fun, I would have gone ages ago.
Have a great four day weekend guys!!