Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summer Swept Back

First of all, I must apologize for going all AWOL on you's been a busy week, but I truly am sorry for my absence, I'll try to warn you guys the next time something like that happens, alright?'s almost fall, guys!! And I am so excited! Fall is one my favorite times of year. The light gets more golden and the air gets cooler, an people start to break out their warm things that they haven't been able to wear in's a wonderful time.

But I am SOSOSOSOO excited because I finally have my camera charger back, so I can finally share some more pictures from Idaho with you guys!! So without further ado..Idaho pictures!

And the scenery was just gorgeous, what a display of God's majesty, beauty, and creativity!

Okay, there are tons more, but I am SUPER tired and thats all I wanted to edit...again I am super sorry for leaving you guys for so long...but it is the school year, and honestly, I can't say my posting is going to be super regular. School takes precedence over any blog, and that's just the honest truth.
So have an awesome week girls, and enjoy the photos!!

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