Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All Things Cute...and Cute...

Isn't this Harry Potter cartoon hilarious? it's the entire Sorcerer's Stone movie wrapped up into one piece of paper...and I find it adorable!! And SPEAKING of adorable....
Check these out!!
It's some of the owls from harry potter!! Isn't that CUTE??? I mean LOOK at them!!
*sniff* SO CUTE!
They can be found at calico owls, at at some of the other ones from the etsy shop!
RESERVED FOR TONYA: Clay Creamsicle Pygmy Owl Harry Potter Inspired Owlery
Okay..maybe I have a gigantic weakness for owlies...but how could anyone say no to that face??
RESERVED ORDER for RUTH: Snape, Godric, & Pomona, Harry Potter Inspired owlery
Yeah. The cuteness is kind of killing me right now *sniff*

Check out all these cute little animal critters that I found while blogsurfing!

These little bandits can be found here

I love this plate design by Jim Bobart on etsy!

Look at the little snail!! Royal Mint at

Barn Owl Upcycled Vintage Side Plate
Yeah. Like I said. I have this thing with owls. Made by NightOwlHandmade on etsy :)

Awh.  source unknown.

A Coyote with fireboots! I swear some people are so creative!!
Corduroy shop on
A bird. On a coaster. Yep. It's adorable. found here
On a side note...look at these little cameras!
I officially want one now. It's tiny, cute, and spits out the little instax photos found at here

SO CUTE!! It's tiny!! found at here

Kay girlies. That's all for today :) Had an amazing time at college, and its just a gorgeous day I'm VERY happy!!
Have a great rest of the week!!

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  1. Those owls are adorable. I would love to add one to my collection.