Friday, September 2, 2011

Indian Soul this picture is mine...but unforunately I don't have any more because my camera charger is missing :( So you guys have to be okay with pictures from other blogs okay?
That's what I've been doing for the past few posts, but it's probably going to bea while before I find one or get another charger, kay? I'm super sorry it can't be my photography, but the images are beautiful, I'll be sure of that :)

                                                                Isnt this shirt gorgeous?

this picture from here

                                                                       found here
                                                                 found here

Gypsy Woman
source unknown

I've really been inspired by native american style clothing and jewelry lately..take a look at these dresses, I just love them--
Daybreak Mix Aztec Pocket Dress

Fiery Diamond Top

Mayan Vision Printed Pullover

leather leaf necklace

DREAM essential locket necklace
DREAM essential locket necklace

native dreamer a feather for your hair
native dreamer a feather for your hair

earthy punk rock sacred copper earrings

Alchemy Full Triangle Verdigris Patina necklace 

Azteca Arrow Earrings
Aztec Warrior Feather Headband
Rain Over Me Maxi Dress

Anyway, thats my collection of inspiration for today :) I just love feathers, wild horses, and geometric patterns. So finding these pictures was like heaven to me.
My second week of school was pretty awesome, I learned that I actually like my algebra class instead of hating it like I thought I would, and i'm meeting tons of awesome people in all my classes.
If I knew school would be so much fun, I would have gone ages ago.
Have a great four day weekend guys!!

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