Monday, March 28, 2011

HOLA MI CHICAS...and whatever other random peoples may be visiting my blog!
YEAH. Soooo I'm superly duperly excited cuz it's like spring break and I've been having soo much fun!
I spent like all day reading, and went to Walmart with my mom and picked out some cool stuff I've been wanting to check out for like FOREVS :)
And on Sunday I got to hang out like all day with my bestiestest friend Shannon...
Haha this was last July during VBS..we need some recent pictures!!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Haul Report...with rainbow hints :)

So, I promised you guys that I would report the findings after my shopping trip, and so...I am :) I sincerely wish money was no option when I go shopping, because there were tons, and I mean TONS of things that I liked. Especially from Pacsun and Tilly's! But the main bit of my haul came from old navy...and now that I think about it, it's not that much, but hey..these things have to built slowly. You can't just go out and buy your whole new spring wardrobe in one after noon..cuz that would be nutty :)
Starting out, I got a navy blue dress and a coral cardigan from old navy, which looks so *so* cute together...
Sorry the lighting is so dim...but I like the contrast alot :)
Also, I got these three skirts:

And that's pretty much it...but that alone cost about $100...
I KNOW. ridiculous right?
So it couldnt really buy more, but I tried some stuff on and GIRL i wanted them soo bad.
Like this dress from Pacsun:
Strapless Printed Dress
Now it looks really short...but I promise, this model just has long legs, cuz this dress was not that short on me...just a lil bit above the knee.
And Buckle had just the cutest sweaters...
Fang Metallic Cardigan
Daytrip Flyaway Cardigan Sweater
Anyways...enough about clothes, I shall now get on the part about the tantalizing little teaser in the title, you know, the whole rainbow bit?
That has to do with my....eyes

 So I felt like having fun, so I mixed my wetnwild purple eye shadow stick thingie and my pixi blue shadow, and got thiiiiiis :)

I think this is a really good combo for brown eyed girls because blue and purple really make the brown pop.
And today, I felt like shimmery gold\brown...

YEP. so thats the colorful rainbow-y ness:)

But really..I'm sure you guys dont want to hear more about my clothes and the silly things I do with my eyes...I'll get to the *emotional* part of this post :)
So....I feel really confused. You know that whole revelation\about to change my perception thang I was talkin bout a few posts ago?
Well, it turns out the transition isn't totally....smooth.
Part of this whole being feminine and looking nice all the time is reallt stressful, because if I feel I don't look nice, it gets me down. Luckily I have friends who text me and cheer me up, but I shouldnt be so dependant on whether or not I think I look good or whatever.
Also, it's harder than it sounds to avoid being materialistic and wierd, especially if you are focusing on clothes or hair or whatever. I need to find a balance of refining myself and staying true to myself, and God.
I have a feeling that's not going to be the easiest thing to do in the world...but hey, the things that are worth having are usually hard to get :)
What struggles are you guys going through? i would love to hear!
Have a LURVELY weekend!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Had a poem lolling about in my head...decided to peep out into the real world :)


The light is too bright,
It cuts into her eyes,
Where is she?
Only known a world full of darkness,
Quiet, soft and secure.
Now the air blows sharply against her skin,
Her newfound universe beckoning her in,
Just a child in a much too big world...

She grows lithe and limber,
Mind full of brightly reflected rainbows,
A prism, scattering happiness wherever she goes...
Some ofthat innocence is broken,
She loses some of that young spark,
The green stem that supported her for so long,
A blinding mask,
A desire to fit in,
Incapacitates her in its terrible grip.

Someday, somewhere,
There's gotta be a choice,
A way to put her foot down,
Just say that's enough,
She's done with her own limitations,
Her own failed design,
She can't try anymore or she'll lose her ever-lovin mind...

So he wraps her in his chrysalis,
Spins her into his silky security,
Never letting go no matter how hard she struggles,
Cause he knows it's for her best...
He won't let her walk that road alone,
He knows that time is hard,
Left in the dark and binding garb,
Wondering how she will emerge,
For the better or the worse?

Let her fly, let her soar,
Let her walk her steps,
She needs to grow up
And don't jut leave it all to fortune and chance,
She'll work hard for evey privilege,
She pleads to have,
A price tag is unwrapped...
Don't let go of him who helped you fly,
Cherish the words he spoke in your mind,
Don't waste a day on what,in the end,
Cannot be had, or held into...
Choose wisely my little one,
Before away you'll fly....

Everybody's Dancin Dancin Crazy....

Hey girlios!! Yeah yeah I know, not a real word, but's called a poetic licence and I use it ALOT :)
My life has been full of randomness, school, swimming, just general stuff :)
I have had kind of a decision\revelationtype thannngg...but first I'll show the purtay photos :)

A rose leftover from the bouquet my Dad gave my Mom for their anniversary this month *awww* :) parents are cute like that :)

(btw, I have been replacing the with 'teh' it's not a's pronounced how it's spelled and it is totally *awesome*)
Okay...back to buisness.
I have decided to learn how to be more...feminine?
i'm not sure what to call it.
But for pretty much all my life, I've been kind of a tomboy. You know, the whole barefooted, run around in the woods, and only shop when your mother makes you, kind of deal.
In a way...I'm still like that. And sometimes..since i'm just about to turn seventeen, it's kind of emberessing. I'm tired of never knowing what to wear (or ever really HAVING anything to wear) or what the heck to with my hair, my face...just everything.
I'm going to be dual enrolling at a college next year, i'm growing's time to start looking like it!
*major shopping trip is predicted*
Hopefully tomorrow!!
And I have my cheeta eyes set on these leeeetle prizes...

*hemhem* Cardigans from Ollld Navy :)

And dresses...gosh I need those so bad!! With spring comin and all..actually down here...spring is already here!!

Aw :)
And SKIRTS...I have like no skirts.

And pretty much everything from American Eagle is totally amazing..
AE  High-Waist Crochet Skirt

AE Floral Peasant Sundress
Sooo pretty :)

AE Garland Graphic T
Plus, a shirt like this which will go with anything...ties the whole outfit together.
I don't know..I feel like my outfits are so random...I have bits and pieces from everywhere, but nothing that really goes together. I have bunch of jeans..but I'm sick of wearing them.
My goal is to get a bunch of different pieces that work together...more plannin my outfits, then just randomly buying what I like and then coming home and realizing thast it doesn't go with anything!

I love these options from Tilly's too :)
I also find myself buying the same kinds of stuff over and over again..same colors, same cuts, same prints...I'm daring myself to go bold..
Stripe Bow Cardigan
Like this bright red number..
Glam Pull Over
Or this fun loose cut that I hardly every wear...
2Fer Belted Floral Dress
(My..I do like Wet Seal!!)
Plus, I hardly have any of those little things that tie outfits together
like tights...
SO Lace Capri Leggings
and this cute little owl nekclace...
Awww and rainbows too!! haha
Mudd Ava Peep-Toe Dress Sandals
And of just love these from Kohls'!!
Unionbay Jenna Kitten Heels
And these....sooo cute
Vans Tory Skate Shoes
And these sneakers are awesome too!
Mudd Axel Gladiator Sandals
And these..are just beyond awesomely cool :)
Sorry that's alot of clothes to show you guys..i'm just really excited.
It feels like I'm turnin a new leaf, and it's a good leaf. I'm tired of being casual, and of not knowing how to dress the best that I can. With a bit of shopping, and help from the ever handy Seventeen magazine..(note: I am not supporting the magazines morals, which aren't great, but simply saying that they have great style advice)
I'm going to change into a diva, don't worry...just a more polished, feminine version of me, and one I am very excited to get started on.
So, that's my revelation!! Stay tuned for outfit pics after I go shopping!
Ari :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Musings Under a Spring Sun

Hello girls...gahhh has it really been five days since my last post? Really? I know I have neglected you all, I apologise...but it has been a truly stressful weekend, I can assure you.
I have been wrestling with alot of different emotions inside of me, guilt, shame, unworthiness, and last night they all sort just came bubbling out as I was talking to my dad.
It was kind of like the lancing of an old wound, and it was hard, but it felt good. I had just been dealing with stuff like feeling different from everyone else, having a tough time in school, and on top of it all, not doing as well as I would have like in Piano contest.
It's just been hard...and I had no idea really what to write on here"I'm emotionally overwhelmed?? Thus I am in my pajamas all day long and reading wayyyy too much Harry Potter?"
THAT wouldn't have been good. So I decided to save my post until I wasn't so stressed out..which is now :)
So, I took some pictures outside, spring has been coming in full force and everything is green and beautiful...just wanted to show you guys!! It's kind of a self portrait thing...

Lie upon the carpet of the world, green with a luster, borne of tears from the heavens...

Think thoughts that never dared to enter before, as you stare into the sunlight, the universe's core...

Laugh as the wind blows, Dance as the earth revolves, sing as the leaves tremble on their stalwart branches...

And whatever you do, don't take yourself too seriously, in the end what does it matter, if you conformed to wishes of the ever spinning culture, dreaming of tomorrow, today.

Sometimes you'll get confused, quite muddled and befuddled, Trust the Father who had a plan, before the world's drew it's first breath, and the sun first shot it's beams into a dark and void universe...

Know who you are, no matter what they say, you're a child of the King, flaws can be mended, for nothing is impossible with God...

Just never, oh never, oh never much He loves you....

This is my message to all you girls out there, no matter what you are struggling with, HE LOVES YOU...never let go of that, no matter what you are dealing with.
I promise I'll be posting more...just giving life some time to settle down.
I love you girls, so very very much :)
All my love and God's blessings,

Thursday, March 17, 2011


And the title says it all! I have finally entered the world of youtube and BOY am I excciiiiiiiited!!

That SHOULD be the first video...with more to come!! In the meantime--some photos..of a rather interesting subject :) prom shoes :)

Mannnn these should be in a catalogue :)

Annnnnd the second video!!

Hope they didn't turn out wierd!
Not much else to report, just doing school, swimming, havin a funnn time with life! :)
BTW..those shoes are my prom shoes, and they were $16 from The Shoe Station!!
Byyeeees :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


What can I see?

Well, in a few weeks I'm about to turn seventeen.
There is so much weight with that word.
One last year of being a teenager.
Only one year left!! I dont even know how I feel about that.
Next year I'm starting out college classes.
It's all so new.
And yet SO much has happened to me in my sixteenth year that I never expected to happen.
It's truly been a journey, and at times it's been really really hard.
I have sunk into depression at time, but at other times, really happy.
God has carried me through no matter what, and it's been one of the best years of my whole life.
And it's all about to end, and a new chapter is about to start.
Who knows what next year will bring?
If I'm lucky, a car, lots of new friends, and a deeper walk with God :)
But it still makes me think...
Every year of my life is different,
and every year I have new experiences and learn something new.
"Well, duh," you may be thinking, 'Of course every year is different."
But I think it's cool that God decides to teach us new things, and make each phase of our life unique and important.
Sixteen was, and is, awesome.
But...I'm ready for seventeen.
I'm ready to grow up, take more responsibility, and just be more serious about life in general.
Sometimes life is a joyride for me..but in the end, that's not life.
It's not reality.
I'm ready to become more independant, and be more responsible with that independence.
I'm ready for seventeen.
How about you guys? What major landmarks are you girls going through?
I'd love to hear :)
Love and kisses,