Monday, March 28, 2011

SPLASH! (now you're happy :P)

HOLA MI CHICAS...and whatever other random peoples may be visiting my blog...mwahaaaa!
YEAH. Soooo I'm superly duperly excited cuz it's like spring break and I've been having soo much fun!
I spent like all day reading and tanning, and went to Walmart with my mom and picked out some cool stuff I've been wanting to check out for like FOREVS :)
And on Sunday I got to hang out like all day with my bestiestest friend Shannon...
Haha this was last July during VBS...dannngg we need some recent pictures!! risk of becoming redundant, I have one more outfit pic to show you guys!!
(bear in mind that this blog is set on ONE certain goal...If I head into a certain phase, whether it be fashion, animal photography, or whatever, that's pretty much what I will be writing about..if you guys want to see MORE of one of my "phases"..let me know!!!)
teh outfit pics :P

Cardigan: Old Navy
Cami:Wet Seal
Skirt: Old Navy :)

Sorry the lighting is kinda wierd...but I didn't feel like editing :P

Annnnnnd this one's a bit blurry..I apologise!!

Haha yepppppp that's me! Can't even pose for a picture without gettin all silleh :)
And althought the cami may look like it's simply polka dotted...check it out!!

Little hearts!!! Gosh I love Wet Seal...check out these recent purchases from there...

Can you say AWW?? I'l do an outfit post with it sometime..and then, my favorite,
Mr Owlie!!

Just. look. at. that. face.
I HAD to have it. His eyes were pleading.."take me home!! love me!!"
So I did.
Haha *squeal-y laugh*

siiiiiiigghhhh :)
I love spring break :) Sleeping in, goofing off, having tons of fun..
and my birthday is on wednesday!!
So needless to say....hehe I'm excited.
I haven't been doing anything TOO interesting, just falling in love with the Dave Matthew Band channel on Pandora...gosh, I loooove all those songs!
Can you say LOVE?? Gosh I love that song...
That's kind of a silly song..but I love jack johnson :)
So that's been the past few days.
Loving things like THIS:
<em>Jergens</em> Nat Glow EXPRS Med SKN Size: 4 oz
This little baby really helps with tanning :)
\And THIS:
The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles, Book 1)
Gotta love Rick Riordian :)
Anyway that's my happy splash for today...feel the spray and enjoy!

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