Thursday, March 24, 2011


Had a poem lolling about in my head...decided to peep out into the real world :)


The light is too bright,
It cuts into her eyes,
Where is she?
Only known a world full of darkness,
Quiet, soft and secure.
Now the air blows sharply against her skin,
Her newfound universe beckoning her in,
Just a child in a much too big world...

She grows lithe and limber,
Mind full of brightly reflected rainbows,
A prism, scattering happiness wherever she goes...
Some ofthat innocence is broken,
She loses some of that young spark,
The green stem that supported her for so long,
A blinding mask,
A desire to fit in,
Incapacitates her in its terrible grip.

Someday, somewhere,
There's gotta be a choice,
A way to put her foot down,
Just say that's enough,
She's done with her own limitations,
Her own failed design,
She can't try anymore or she'll lose her ever-lovin mind...

So he wraps her in his chrysalis,
Spins her into his silky security,
Never letting go no matter how hard she struggles,
Cause he knows it's for her best...
He won't let her walk that road alone,
He knows that time is hard,
Left in the dark and binding garb,
Wondering how she will emerge,
For the better or the worse?

Let her fly, let her soar,
Let her walk her steps,
She needs to grow up
And don't jut leave it all to fortune and chance,
She'll work hard for evey privilege,
She pleads to have,
A price tag is unwrapped...
Don't let go of him who helped you fly,
Cherish the words he spoke in your mind,
Don't waste a day on what,in the end,
Cannot be had, or held into...
Choose wisely my little one,
Before away you'll fly....

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