Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Keep My Promises...

Indeed I do..and a few weeks ago I promised to show the results of my prom shopping trip, and SO I SHALL :)
Okay...I now feel really silly saying this...but the dress is neither short, nor purple. What can I say? JC Penney's purple dresses were horrible, they really were. I shall show you the different ones I tried on, and then the one I finally bought and took home :)
Gosh...after showing you guys like five hundred purple dresses the one I bought isn't purple! Isn't thaat life for ya? Soo not going the way anyone plans it :)
Okay, take note this isn't my camera, so yes, there is some blurryness and wierdnes..sorry!
This was one of the choices..but I thought, ehhh not formal enough.

As you can see, it's cute...just not fancy and special enough i think. It doesn't say PROM to me.

Okay..I have to say this was one of my favorites before I bought the one I did. It's really, really cute.

This dress made me feel like a fairy tale princess...I think this would be how I would want my wedding dress to look, only white. was too long. Our prom is FULL of swing dancing and I have to be able to move..but oh, isn't it pretty?
And the one I finally went with.....

A sleek and sparkly mermaid-type gown that was only $89...I LOVE it. It makes me feel beautiful and like this is PROM. it's really special.

If for some reason i get cold feet I can always take it back...but I really and truly love it. I can move and dance in it, and ohhh it's just so pretty :)
I'll probably get a pretty floaty shawl to wear over so there won't be any immodesty, and I am thinking of doing an up do, with just a few curls coming down..really embracing the whole mermaid thing :) I do live in Florida after all...a beach girl by nature :P
A little bit like this...but I don't like Vanessa Hudgens :O
A bit like this too :)

So what do you guys think? I's not purple..but hey, I like it :)
And just for the record...I have the best prom date ever :) He is the best.
Well, it's a short post, but beyond shopping and church..nothing dramatic has happened since yesterday! Cheers, and enjoy what's left of Sunday night!
Love and kisses,