Sunday, March 13, 2011

O. M. G.

Wow, when I looked at the date of my loast post I nearly fainted. I'm sorry! Five whole days! *eep*
SORRY! Haha but I have been...SO busy. Really. Yesterday I had the SAT and then went to a movie with one of my guyfriends...saw Rango, and it was a good movie! A bit wierd, but very thought provoking and tongue-in-cheek funny.
AND AND AND AND...I am just so excited about so many things! One of the foremost things being...I may have found something that really helps my face.
And it's cheap.
And you can get it nearly anywhere.
Guess what it is?
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. sounds wierd, but hear me out. So I was on and researching "home remedies" in their reviews section, and came across hydrogen peroxide, and was like, "What??"
So I checked it out, and ALOT of people have had success with check out this youtube video. It's astonishing.

Isn't it amazing how much that helped?? So after that I knew I had to try it, and I've been using it for....oh, around four days, and I have seen a difference! The redness and swelling has gone down, so that I'm even going out with make up! I can't wait to get keep using it!
It's really easy, I just use it in place of my old toner, put it on a cotton round and swab it on my face.
It doesn't sting, i've only got the 3% hydrogen peroxide, which is really what every one should be using so it doesn't irritate your skin.
Research it, you may be surprised! We already had it in the house, so I decided to try it, and boy have I not regretted it!
Soooo gonna keep a usin it and keep YOU GUYS updated :)
Well, not really a whole bunch of awesome stuff to report...
The SAT was okay, the only fun part was when this nice guy came up and talked to me during break :)
don't you just love that when people are like that? Just do random nice things and make someone's day a little brighter. All in all, I'm really relieved the SAT is over..gosh what a pain that is. But I really tried my best, and I know the math isn't going to be awesome...but i'm not gonna let that define me.
I'm good at alot of other things, like poetry and photography and writing and laughing uncontrollably :)
My future job is never going to be centered around math anyway, everybody has their weaknesses, and math is mine. I tried my very best, and that's all I can do.
Beyond that, not much going on except that I had a really good day today :)
Sunday school was awesome, we got really deep and the discussion was awesome, I really learned alot.
Then I got to be on the praise team in church, and I really love singing up there. I dunno, I've always been really comfortable on stage, and I love to sing and worship God so it's the perfect combination!
Then I went to this party after church and hung out with my friend Shannon and all these adorable little kids, swinging on the tire swing and jumping on the trampoline.
So all in all, an AMAZING tho incredibly busy weekend :)
What happened in y'all's weekend?
That was mine, fun, crazy, draining, emotional, and like a roller coaster

Yeah. Kinda like that :)
Have a great rest of Sunday girls!!

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