Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Haul Report...with rainbow hints :)

So, I promised you guys that I would report the findings after my shopping trip, and so...I am :) I sincerely wish money was no option when I go shopping, because there were tons, and I mean TONS of things that I liked. Especially from Pacsun and Tilly's! But the main bit of my haul came from old navy...and now that I think about it, it's not that much, but hey..these things have to built slowly. You can't just go out and buy your whole new spring wardrobe in one after noon..cuz that would be nutty :)
Starting out, I got a navy blue dress and a coral cardigan from old navy, which looks so *so* cute together...
Sorry the lighting is so dim...but I like the contrast alot :)
Also, I got these three skirts:

And that's pretty much it...but that alone cost about $100...
I KNOW. ridiculous right?
So it couldnt really buy more, but I tried some stuff on and GIRL i wanted them soo bad.
Like this dress from Pacsun:
Strapless Printed Dress
Now it looks really short...but I promise, this model just has long legs, cuz this dress was not that short on me...just a lil bit above the knee.
And Buckle had just the cutest sweaters...
Fang Metallic Cardigan
Daytrip Flyaway Cardigan Sweater
Anyways...enough about clothes, I shall now get on the part about the tantalizing little teaser in the title, you know, the whole rainbow bit?
That has to do with my....eyes

 So I felt like having fun, so I mixed my wetnwild purple eye shadow stick thingie and my pixi blue shadow, and got thiiiiiis :)

I think this is a really good combo for brown eyed girls because blue and purple really make the brown pop.
And today, I felt like shimmery gold\brown...

YEP. so thats the colorful rainbow-y ness:)

But really..I'm sure you guys dont want to hear more about my clothes and the silly things I do with my eyes...I'll get to the *emotional* part of this post :)
So....I feel really confused. You know that whole revelation\about to change my perception thang I was talkin bout a few posts ago?
Well, it turns out the transition isn't totally....smooth.
Part of this whole being feminine and looking nice all the time is reallt stressful, because if I feel I don't look nice, it gets me down. Luckily I have friends who text me and cheer me up, but I shouldnt be so dependant on whether or not I think I look good or whatever.
Also, it's harder than it sounds to avoid being materialistic and wierd, especially if you are focusing on clothes or hair or whatever. I need to find a balance of refining myself and staying true to myself, and God.
I have a feeling that's not going to be the easiest thing to do in the world...but hey, the things that are worth having are usually hard to get :)
What struggles are you guys going through? i would love to hear!
Have a LURVELY weekend!

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  1. I love the clothes you found at Old Navy! Cute, cute, cute! :) And the rainbow eye shadow is so pretty!