Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mishity Mash :)

Hey girls, sorry no postage for about four days..what can I say, life has been busy. And yet, its been the typical kind of busy, where I really don't have any idea what to write about. *slaps forhead* IM SORRY!
My life just isn't that dramatically exciting.
But....this morning I saw a super funny movie. And guess what? It was animated. *gasp*
I know, I'm a bit old for it..but I was funny!!
-cue trailer for funny animated movie-

Yep...Will Ferrell..Tina's funny!!

HAHA :) Will Ferrell is just awesome as guys should really see the movie if you haven't already!
And while were doing this youtube thing...NEW favorite song :

Yeah I know, it's not exactly a new song, but colbie has amazing voice, and the song is so sweet :)
And so, so true...
Argh, I'm sorry I don't have anything grandly fascinating to say. I babysat last night, been working, trying to figure out German, just typical life. Karate has been super fun, I'm gonna be testing for my brown belt soon, then black belt! I'm so close, almost there!! It's been yeeeears, and man, do I ever love karate. I dunno, it was kind of a love at first sight thing. I tried it, and I loved it. Now I have awesome friends there, and I love my instructor so much. He is amazing. He demands respect, but he's really kind, and has this awesome dry sense of humor and he's a really good teacher.
At first I was really intimidated by the whole martial arts idea, but I tried it and really loved it :)
Might as well do a face update :)
Well, this week has been pretty good, just been doin the same routine, along with swimming, and am getting a bit better :) I have been avoiding dairy, kind of as an expirament..I've read that dairy, even nonfat, still has hormones in it naturally, from the cow, even if no hormones are added. And I drink and eat ALOT of I'm thinking, maybe too much hormones in there? Anyways, I'm trying that out.
AND...another thing that has interested me is this...this online ebook called Acne No More that has a 98% success rate. At first I thought the website was lying, then I researched it, and literally saw nothing but postive reviews, which is SO different from all the other products, where some people like it and other people hated it. I really am considering downloading it, because it has such a high success rate..I mean, who knows, that could be me too! I mean, I'm not awful right now, but imagine, like TOTALLY clear and staying that way! For me, that would be totally worth the $39 bucks it costs...but I'll talk to my parents about it.
Well, that's my tidbit for today, sorry it's not enthralling. Have a great weekend girls!

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