Friday, April 1, 2011

Sweet Seventeen...?

So....I've decided there's just too much stress in my life right now for a blog to be in my really pains me to say it but I'll have to say goodbye for a while...
What with school, my job, and everything else that tends to stress out a teenage girl...I've just kinda decided to let this part go so i can focus on others, mmmkay?

So. To ease your pain, I shall show you pictures of my seventeenth birthday which was on Wednesday!! (Yeah I know, Happy birthday to me :P)

Yessss I did get a new itouch :) sooooo exciting!!

It was quite fun, i went out for sushi, then to the bookstore, bought a Seventeen (on my seventeenth birthday..ha!!) then went to youth group and did the usual craziness there.
I had one of those episodes where I couldnt stop laughing, and it was amazing because i love those moments!! I mean, just laughing and laughing and laaaaaughing..I am a very laugh-y person, in case you couldnt tell...its one of my hobbies:)
OH!! And one other thing i really wanted to share with you guys..and its kind of an answer to prayer...
But i got good scores on my SAT! I got  93% in english which was super exciting! I had been praying that my scores would be better this second time around taking them and they were, so i was sooo happy :)
It'll really help me with scholarships and stuff like that, so I am so stoked that they turned out much better than I thought they would :)
Sorry about the lack of postage...what with my birthday and all, and my having spring break, I was in a lazy frame of mind and didn't feel like sitting down on the computor and crackin down a fabulous post.
Unfortunately, this will be my last for a while...

There is no way I would ever quit this blog unless something majorly drastic happens!
So you guys are stuck with me a bit longer ....DONT stop reading...I'll still be posting :)
Ari <3


  1. Hahah, I've been hit with 3 April fool's day jokes now, and I've been gullible enough to believe every single one!!

    Great pictures! Happy late birthday! :)

  2. Gah! I fell for it! :)
    I'm glad you're not going anywhere, and happy late birthday!