Monday, April 4, 2011

Blue Fog

Hey girls!

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing as much, I have been insanely busy, especially this weekend…I’m still exhausted from it all. It was a lot of fun though, going shopping with my friends and going to swing and meeting new people..that’s always good, huh?
Well the weekend was good, but I’m afraid today was one of those days that is rather ho-hum. You know those kinda days, where the weather is cloudy, and your hair refuses to cooperate, and you have to wake up early to get to class, and you don’t feel like doing any work?

I guess I could chalk it up to post-spring break blues, and the funny thing is, my spring break wasn’t all that relaxing. It was fun, hanging out with friends and shopping and celebrating my birthday, but I got pretty sick of constantly running around, staying up late and then randomly waking up early…my body must have still been in school-mode, because I just couldn’t sleep in for the life of me!
So while it wasn’t really a RELAXING spring break, it was fun, good and bad parts of it alike.
I don’t have anything super exciting to report, except a few things that God has been showing me that I want to share with all you guys.

The main thing is…that I need to focus more. I tend to be kind of ADHD..I don’t have the disorder, but I tend to be kind of space-y and easily distracted, especially when it comes to things like reading magazines instead of studying, or watching youtube videos instead of cleaning my room, or whatever. Basically, I’m a procrastinator in a lot of areas of life and I seriously need to quit it.

Any advice for a girl who is having trouble focusing? I’ve already eliminated some areas, like keeping my itouch away from me so I won’t be tempted to play around with it while doing school, and making a point to clean up my room every night so it doesn’t get all piled up, and making it a point not to have a boyfriend while in high school so that I won’t get all distracted by boy issues. (Besides, it doesn’t make sense to date in high school anyway. Were all about to go off to college…there’s no way the relationship would work, what with the different settings and separation and all that. It’s just a decision I’ve made.)
But I still end up staring into space, or listening to music or whatever. It’s not really tests I have trouble with, like exams and stuff, because those I get nervous about, and thus get hyperfocused. It’s just the normal every day stuff, boring assignments, and math and American’s all I can do to keep myself from spacing out and doing whatever.
I don’t want to be a space-case lazy butt, and I’m trying to work on it. Any advice girls? Cause I’m not doing so hot with this self motivation stuff.

Another thing that’s really been slamming me in the face lately is HOW much people don’t notice the flaws I get so bothered about. Like at the mall on Saturday, I kept moaning internally about the state of my face, and later, one of my friends who had gone texted me, and told me that my skin looked beautiful that day.
You could have knocked me over with a feather. Why can’t I see what everybody else sees? Well, I guess God is just trying to tell me, loud and clear, “You don’t have to worry about your skin. Just be confidant and be yourself, and it’ll be okay.”
And so far, it’s been working…but then again, whenever God says something, it’s always been true, why should I doubt him now?
So those have been the main things on my mind…now I’m off into the land of physics!

Adios :)
Love and huggles,


(fog pictures not my own)

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