Thursday, April 28, 2011

Such a Journey...

I just noticed I haven't done a face update in a while, , so I thought I'd keep you guys posted :) Still sticking to the routine, and am really thankful that I discovered that a) I am allergic to milk and b) That hydrogen peroxide is amazing, and a small amount of white tooth paste can really get rid of a zit.
But really, the milk was what clinched it. I haven't gotten one inflamed cyst since I stopped consuming it, and my acne in general has calmed down SOO much. I have the few small breakouts, but I haven't had a BIG breakout for around a month and a half, which is super encouraging.
And avoiding milk has really been a challenge, because I had no idea how many products contained milk and milk products.
But I subsituted my regular milk for almond milk or soy milk, for butter I use Smart Balence, which doesn't have any milk in it, and I've basically cut cheese out of my diet entirely, except for the occasional exception, like parmesan cheese on top of spaghetti and things like that.
I was worried about not getting enough calcium, but it turns out almond milk has 50% more calcium than I think it tastes awesome. I'm so glad I can eat my daily bowl of cereal again!
It's been really rough to give up chocolate...but I drink hot chocolate if I only use the cocoa, and then sweeten it...but brownies and stuff like that are forever banned :(
I had no idea a food allergy could cause so much detriment to my face, but holy cow, it did!! I don't know what it is about milk and dairy products, but they make me break out like nuts. So if any of you guys are having a rough time with your skin...think about what you're eating and if there's a pattern.
For me, it was milk and dairy products...but it could be different for you, so try to keep tabs on what you eat, and if you're worse after eating a certain kind of food.

Now the last thing I need to conquer as far as my skin goes, is my own picking habit. That's really the only time my face looks bad, is when I have a moment of weakness and pick, and then I have a scab and it looks all gross. So once I get out of that habit, It's pretty safe to say my skin problems will mostly be over!
But seriously...I find it kind of miraculous, HOW much better its gotten...
look at these pictures of my skin development throughout the past year and a half--

Winter 2010

Spring 2010

Late Spring 2010...and THIS is where i switch my regimen and it all goes downhill

This was late's hard to see in this picture but it was alot worse..

This was around August 2010

This was around Christmas 2010...

This was January 2011

March 2011

March 2011 also...
For's a miracle. I never thought I would have skin this clear again :)
So patience, hydrogen peroxide, and NONONONOOO milk has finally brought my skin troubles to an end...or almost :) I need to stop that picking, and then it will be perfect. Thank God!!
So that's my update!

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