Friday, April 8, 2011

Oh Happy Day :)

Just. Look. At. That. Face.
How could anybody, ANYBODY ever say no to that face?
Yeahh..I am SUCH  sucker for my dog...I mean...those EYES and the perky little ears...

And these faces...PRICELESS :P (PS..only a store like Icing would sell sunglasses THAT ugly. )

So. On to the story of the day :)
i had LOVELY SGA today..and it was simply fabulous. Sometimes I moan about being homeschooled, and how people give you wierd looks when you tell them, and how you can't really be on a sports team, or miss out on stuff like seeing your friends every single day.
But really, when I think about it, I'm super lucky. I have so much freedom, and although I dont want to stereotype or generalize, I have typically found that homeschoolers tend to be more down to earth than most public schoolers I know. Of course, there are exceptions to rule, like my amazing friend Rachel, but most of the time, i have found the above to be true.
Especially the guys. I dunno what it is, but the guys there are so nice and smart and SENSIBLE. Sensible sounds wierd, but compared to most teenage guys I know, they are just really down to earth and smart.
They don't take stupid risks, or brag about themselves, or talk about basketball all the time, or heaven forbid, talk about hot girls.
I can actually carry on an intelligent conversation with them, and they are so mature and it's just so refreshing!! Sorry about the slight rant...but I just get so tired sometimes of stupid guys. Their rude, their pervs, and their totally self absorbed. It's so nice to be able to have guys as friends that you can actually TALK with, not just roll your eyes at.
Plus another thing that I really enjoyed about going was that I was able to expand my ususal group of friends and make new ones. It alwasy makes me feel awesome when I can meet new people. I really dont cliques, and REALLY try to avoid just staying with one group of friends.
That way I can end up meeting alot of amazing people with lots of different interests!
EEEEP!! I will keep you guys totally posted on what I'm gonna do with hair and everything! :)
Argh I'm sorry I haven't posted in a has been nuts!
IPROMISE I will post very soon :)

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