Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunshine Comes In All Forms

I thought you guys haven't had a proper photography post in a, I dunno, I feel like my blogging's been kinda stale lately. i've been busy, and even when I haven't been busy, photography hasn't been the thing that I feel like doing. And now that I think about it, I'm sad. Photography is amazing, and I love it so much, and I want to devote more of my time to getting better at it.
It's just....I feel like I'm being ripped in five different directions. School, friends, photography, blog, sports...I'm sorry if my blogging hasn't been up to par lately, I really am.
I'm gonna try harder, but I have to say, if the choice comes between doing well in school and quitting the blog, I'm gonna have to quit the blog. But I will try to fit in both :)

So. Lately my obsession has been.
The App store.
Seriously, it's so cool!! It's practically all for free, and now I have texting app, and photo editing app, and a reading app (I'm reading Jane Eyre on my itouch!!) and I edited thiiiis pic (and a few otheres :P)

It's not the BEST quality, but for a pretty crummy camera, and a photo editing app, i think its awesome!! I have so much fun with it :)
I have a skype app too, so I can do that with my friends and *sighofbliss*
I love the app store!!
So that's my random tidbit for today, have a lovely rest of the week guys!!
Love and kissies,

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  1. Amazing photographs! I love photography as well. And I know what you, work, and trying to have a social life has me extremely frustrated at the moment! Ah.