Sunday, July 3, 2011

We So Fly We In Outer Space

Hey girlies! Okay, today is actually NOT going to be an outfit post...wanted to shake things up a bit, in case y'all were getting bored of just seeing me in clothes. But there will be some coming up, because I just got some fabulous clothes and Forever 21 that I am SO stoked about!
Here are some photos that I edited of me and my friend Elise when we were having a photo shoot at her house the other day :)
I must say, I ADORE the new space layering effect on COOL!

Like this photo for instance. How cool is that???
Usually, I resent the drama queen lable...but sometimes its okay to let loose, and be diva :P
Usually I hate my smile..but for some reason I really like it in this picture. It looks the way I feel inside when I smile. Joyful and carefree.
PSH and you know it!! i'm done with the wildly edited photos :) But I also realized that I haven't posted a chapter of my story in FOREVER so I need to keep you guys posted!
Here's the fourth chapter of my story: Secret read the rest of the story, click the button at the bottom of the page, my wattpad button-READ, COMMENT, VOTE! :P

Chapter Four: Eyes That See

Her fingernails dug into the bark of the trees she had darted behind, her breath coming in short gasps. She was sure he had caught a glimpse of her, she didn't know why she was so afraid, he was just a boy going on a walk with his sister. When his blue eyes had raked over her, instinct took over, and she'd hidden herself from those eyes.

It wasn't that he looked threatening, he really didn't. He wasn't especially big and his blond hair stuck out at odd angles, as if he'd sneaked out of the house before his mother could apply a comb to it. She'd seen him laughing with his sister. Why was she so afraid?

She peeked out from behind the tree, the rough bark scratching her cheek. He walking toward the meadow, his athletic frame striding into the sunlight. She stepped out into the open, pulling her hair away from her face. She wondered how much he'd seen.

Though she'd been terrified, the instant his blue eyes connected with hers, she'd felt a peculiar feeling, one that had never touched her heart before. Sort of like a burning and a freezing all at once, and she knew that if she hadn't whipped her hair in front of her face and hidden, she wouldn't have been able to break the eye contact. Her hand involuntarily moved towards her heart.

Why had she acted that way? She saw boys every day, many had told secrets to her, and she watched them as they walked the streets with their friends, laughing and joking, heads high and voices boisterous. She'd watched them, but they'd never seen her. Boys never did.

Though she was in plain sight every day, she might as well have been invisible for all the notice they took of her. But perhaps it was better that way. The girls were worse. They noticed her alright, they would stare, whisper, and sometimes point. There's the girl, the strange one that never speaks. The secret keeper. Don't bother going over, she's like a frightened mouse. They say she's cursed. Stay away from that one.

Tears stung her eyelids. They saw, but the didn't see. How could they see? Had they ever been anything but normal? Had they ever had a life beyond ease, friendship, and laughter? How could they possibly understand what was held inside her? She didn't even want to understand. Every day she stared into that faded mirror and she really knew nothing about the girl that stared back. All she knew was what she had inside, how others reacted when they saw her. Fear. Distrust. Revulsion. Pity.

No one had ever reacted any other way. So why was he different? What was his name? Hadn't his sister called him Trystan? Her lips formed the name. He'd never come to her as she sat every day on the old wicker chair, the mouth of the cash box gaping beside her. She stared down at the forest floor, then closed her eyes, and saw the image of his eyes reflected in her mind.
She wished he would.


That's it!! I hope you guys aren't too mad at me for not updating sooner!
Have an amazing week!

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