Thursday, January 5, 2012


If I could choose any location to take my senior pictures, that field of poppies would be it. Speaking of which, I found a photographer, and lucky for me, a girlfriend from church is a photography major, so she's going to be taking my pictures!! I just need to find a location...and I can't figure it out! The beach is too cliche...and my dream is to have my senior pictures in a field, so maybe I'll go out somewhere that is more country, so maybe there's an awesome field out there that we take pictures in!
Anyway, here are some pictures from pinterest that I love, some room decoration ideas, and other awesome stuff :)

I want to implement this idea, so so much.

I kinda want to make all of these pillows and then put them on my bed, and yeah. It'll look really cute.

So cute!!

Cutest picture ever!! I just love red squirrels, they are so much better than grey squirrels!!

This is what I want when I'm older. To still be in love with my husband, still totally and madly in love.


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