Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blooms of October

Hi girlies! How has your week been? Mine has been...crazy. Considering my lack of posting *blushes* I know, I am absent so often! School and personal stuff have been grabbing up every minute, and I am busy from the moment I wake up till the moment my head touches the pillow! Okay maybe not quite THAT busy...but you guys get the picture!
I have the SAT test in a about two I have been trying to study for the math part, along with writing papers, and practicing for the's just been nuts, but I am so happy I could get away to post today!!
A couple of days ago I went on a photography walk again, so I'll be showing you guys some of those pictures, which is awesome of course! One question--I know alot of you guys out there are very into photography, I love looking at your photos, but what editing systems to you guys use? I usually use, because it's free and quite good, but I was curious to find out what all you other (better) photographers use. Do you pay for a software, or is there some website I don't know about? Anyway, if you all could give me feedback, that would be awesome!'s a random pottery bird..but I couldn't help myself, it was so random and cute!!

I don't know what was up with that bee...but it just remained motionless while I took it's picture. Maybe it was dead? I don't know, but it let me get right up close...maybe he's naturally a camera hog!

I don't know why, but I usually love the wildness of the plants people usually call "weeds". Daisies, Ragweed, dandelions, and just random, free, and unmanicured plants appeal to me so much more than the cultured little faces of pansies or orchids or lilies. It's not that they aren't beautiful...they are just too tame.

I loved how this little feathery plant looks like two grains of wheat thrusting out...

This one is SO it not amazing how God created the merest field flower with such beauty? Maybe that's why I love taking pictures of wild flowers, the simple and natural, yet breathtakingly gorgeous things. You can never see their beauty unless you get close enough, and look through open eyes.

I know...I take so many pictures of flowers. Are you guys bored of them? Tell me if you are, because honestly, I never get tired of them. I really don't. I could take pictures of these gorgeous blossoms all day long. So tell me when is enough is enough, okay? I would hate to bore you guys with rundundant photography!!

Okay girlies, that's the last of them for now! I have SO many more I want to share with you, but that can wait till another post. Sometimes I wonder if God is leading me to photography because I love it SO much. I know I'm not that great, but I'm trying to learn, and honestly, I am SO happy when I do it. Nature photography is honestly my favorite. I seriously could sit in the fields behind my house for HOURS and just take pictures of everything. I'm trying to get better, and I want to get a better camera for Christmas, but if it is my passion...that would be so awesome! Because really, I do believe photography is a way of praising God. When I look at what he has made and take a picture of it, I am just breathless at the beauty of it all. How could God put such beautiful detail into these flowers? They are so gorgeous, all unique. I wonder at his design, his attention to detail. He didn't have to make simple field flowers beautiful. But He did.
Isn't he amazing, ever worthy of praise?
All my love and God's blessings,

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  1. oooo... pretty pics. :)

    He is oh, so worthy! :)

    Love, Makay