Friday, October 15, 2010

F is for Fun...and Friday!!

Hey gals! Just sitting here on this lovely Friday evening and feeling happy because--

1) I finished my super duperly huge report today!! On schedule, and it is awesome! It's about the Gulf oil spill, I figured since I live in Florida it would be the best current event to write about and it was awesome to research, and now I understand so much more about the oil spill and how it happened and could have been prevented--it's totally awesome! :D

2)  I had SGA this afternoon..and it was SO FUN!! I got to see my friends, and we laughed and talked and generally made alot of racket, and it was awesome!! Best of all, I made up my mind beforehand, thanks to my parents' wise council, not to care what I look like, because if you are kind to people, smile at them, and genuinely care what is going on in their lives--it won't matter to them what you look like! And it was totally true! I talked to a bunch of people, and really listened to my friend who was going through a hard time--and you know what? I didn't care how I looked. Now I don't know about you guys, but this is a pretty huge breakthrough for me. Sometimes I would come home frome events like this and just cry because I felt so repulsive and ugly. But I don't have to anymore! Not because I look so awesome, but because I can be kind and caring to people, and in the end THAT'S what they'll remember--not how you looked.
What about you guys?  Have you ever tried kindness to get rid of thinking too much about yourself? Isn't it awesome? :)

3) It's Friday!! That is reason ALONE to be happy. The week is over. School is done for a brief time. I can watch TV all night, stay up as late as I want, and eat wierd things cause who cares--it's FRIDAY!!

4) At SGA this afternoon, a woman from a teen volunteer program in our town was a guest speaker at our meeting, and I had already joined, but was a little nervous about going because I didn't know anybody, but at the SGA meeting like all of my friends wanted to sign up too! So I won't be alone! Haha, just a random tidbit.

5) I am happy because I am SO unbelievably blessed. I have friends that scream, laugh hysterically, catch leaves falling in the wind with me, encourage me and each other, and are so devoted to God! I thank God every day for my friends...they are so amazing! And I have this blog, which has not ceased to be a blessing to me since it started. You guys have no idea how much it means to me that you read my little scribbles and care about it!! It has been such a WONDERFUL journey for me...and I will keep going as long as my fingers can snap a picture or type on the keyboard!

6) That God loves me. That should be my one and only reason for being happy--every day. is a photo-less post. But that's okay. Flexibility is this blog's middle name! Wait a minute. Windblown Flexibility Whimsy? I like the sound of that! :P
ALL my love and GOD'S blessings,