Friday, August 26, 2011

College Dame

Yep. I'm a college girl now. All slick and serious, no nonsense and ready for knowledge.

Eh. Okay. Maybe not quite :P
But college has been amazing! I have four classes, Psychology, English comp, College Algebra, and Spanish, and all of them are pretty *awesome*
I was pretty nervous beforehand, worrying that I wouldn't fit in, that the homework would be too  much, that I wouldn't find my classes etc...but everything was just fine. The only problem I had all week was trying to find parking. It is a mad house at the campus, by 11:30, every single parking space on the entire campus is full. Students are forced to drive around, asking random students if they are leaving, and if they are, if they could take their parking space. Sheesh. It's ridiculous. But beyond that, the University of West Florida is an AWESOME college. The campus is beautiful, all my professors are really nice and intelligent, and the students are really friendly and normal. I was kind of worried about recieving a bunch of opposition, since it is a secular college, but so far everyone has been really accepting and normal, so I was super happy about that. I feel really lucky to have the oppurtunity to attend college while in highschool...its really an awesome chance to experience college without having to move out and away, you know?
Anyways :)
College is awesome.
Go UWF!!
And newest obession: amigurimi

A crocheted. peanut butter. and jelly. sandwich.
*so cute*

Look at tiny that snail is!! How could somebody crochet that? SKILLS.

And other images that have tickled my inspiration bone....
Look at those eyes!! Gorgeous.

This is so creative!! The jellyfish looks so ethereal in the almost looks like it belongs there.


The above three gorgeous images are from

So how's the school year starting up for y'all?
I hope its awesome!
Have an amazing rest of the week!

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