Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oh, How the West Beckons...

Hey girlies!! My apologies for not posting sooner, but I am out of town once again, only this time in scenic Idaho rather than boiling hot tennessee. I was in
Boise for about a week, bunking with my lovely buddy rachel, and now I'm in gorgeous Sun Valley Idaho, in an adorable little cabin surrounded by tree covered mountains. I have been taking pictures like mad, but cant post them right now because i am writing this post on my itouch...and because I forgot the USB cord for my camera. Brilliant right? Anyways, I'll try to recap as much of the trip as I can, using lovely descriptive language, so you lasses use your imaginations, alright?
The Sunday before last, my family hopped on several planes and flew to salt lake city, then rented a cute little maroon ford fusion and drove about four hours to Boise. Although Idaho is beautiful, I have to confess, I completely fell in love with Utah as we drove through it. The untamed wildness, the rolling hills, the wide open skies...I can totally understand now why the pioneers left the east coast and travelled west. It was so magical and's a place that you have to SEE to experience, no picture can do it justice. We got to Boise and I was reunite with my good friends, Rachel and Alex, and made a new friend in their chocolate lab, cocoa. We spent about four days there, playing copious amounts of Mario kart, the board game clue, and badminton in their back yard. I did attempt to go running with Rachel in the Boise foothills, but soon gave that notion up once I realized rachel's cross country trained legs could leave me in the dust,and that I still wasn't used to the higher altitude and had trouble breathing....oh well!!On the Sunday, we drove up to sun valley, and so far have been enjoying the gorgeous scenery while hiking and biking...and watching my brother and Alex play pool, which is highly entertaining. Sun valley has been relaxing, and I have really enjoyed my two days here. It actually hailed here this morning,something a southerner like me completely wasn't used to...but I'm always open to new experiences :) and now my thumbs are tired from
typing all this on my touch, but I just wanted to let y'all know where I was and what I was up to :) this copious amount of pictures I took will probably be on the blog next be on the lookout for those!! Have a blessed rest of the week!!

All my love, and God's blessings, Ari <3

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