Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Freedom Under Wide Open Skies...

This was where I spent the last two weeks.
These were just a few of the people I spent them with.
(BTW: Baldy is a famous ski mountain in Sun Valley, Idaho)
I had such a good time!!
I was mainly excited about seeing my friend Rachel---
Weve been friends ever since we were babies, and our mothers were pregnant together, we were born three days apart. Yep.
Oh yeah. Were so hot.
Basically she and her entire family are like supernatural athletic prodigies, so basically, we spent the whole time doin outdoorsy stuff! Swimming in the pool, biking, hiking up a 9000 ft mountain...oh yeah, totally normal :P It was super fun :)
And the scenery was just...GORGEOUS. No, seriously. I don't I've ever been to a place as beautiful as Sun Valley, Idaho, except for Stanley Idaho, which was just incredible.
It was just amazing!! That day in Stanley was the best ever. We spent a whole day driving through the Sawtooth Mountains and we saw the most gorgeous scenery...I fell in love with the mountains all over again.
But it wasn't just the big stuff, like mountains...
It's the little things too.

Redfish Lake was beautiful too!!

Yeah :) There's alot more pictures but I didn't want to overload you guys.
Needless to say, Idaho is gorgeous and I had a wonderful time:)
More posts coming home!!

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