Monday, February 6, 2012

Praising Jesus

Sometimes I forget how large God's plan is, and how small i am within it. How big He is and how much He knows, how well He knows me, inside and out. I mean, He created me. He knows me better than I know myself.
How easily I forget that.
But sometimes all it takes is just one little thing, one gesture, to make me realize how much He loves me. It sounds so cliche, but I mean it. It makes me feel so unworthy. What  have I dont at all to deserve to be so blessed? I havent done anything. In fact, many times I've done the exact oppasite of what He tells us to do. I don't understand why he continues to love and bless me so much. It doesn't make any sense.
Yet He does.

Every situation in my life somehow plays into it too, that's whats so amazing. Sometimes, about half way through the year, I'll look back on my list of New year's resolutions, and i'll be amazed by how many have come true even after I completely forgot about them.
I forgot, but He always remembers.

And somehow, He always provides at the right time. Like when I was looking for a photographer for my senior pictures, I discovered a woman I used to babysit for at my church is a photography major. It just blows my mind how He works like that, sometimes without my even asking.

So That's my tidbit for today.
God is awesome.
The end.


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