Saturday, February 25, 2012

For the past three days, tortilla wraps have been my lunch of choice, and let me tell you, its been a wonderful change. Because....usually I hate lunch. It's just not a good meal. Unless i get to eat leftovers from dinner, its just sandwiches, day in and day out.
Tortillas have saved my lunches. is the recipes for the heroic lunch saving tortillas:

See? Super easy, and super tasty!!
Yesterday my tortillas were filled with

                                                     Crunchy breaded chicken
1. Breaded Chicken, sliceed up into little chunks.

Corn corn corn corn.             black beans    homemade ranch dressing

2. Corn, black beans, and ranch dressing, plus

Pinned Image

Some avocado if you can find some!!

Put it all in the tortilla, and vwallah, a tasty and filling lunch!!
And for today's tortilla lunch:

             Pinned Image      Pinned Image         

A couple of fried eggs with salt and pepper and some turket lunch meat--also delicious!!

Thus my lunch has been reincarnated into something awesome--what are you guys going to try?

Lunch Lover,

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