Thursday, February 23, 2012

So. Today I made homemade tortillas.
I would like to be:

-Making healthy, delicious food rather than simply buying everything, and eating junk food full of preservatives.

Because food doesn't have to be fatty, processed, or chemical laden to be delicious.


I am going to be filling my body with whole grains, fruits and vegetables, plenty of water, nuts and nutrients. Because our bodies are meant to be cherished and treasures, they need vitamins, protein, nutrients to thrive.


Because the healthy options...they just look way too delicious to pass up :)

Oh my just all looks so delicious. I want to make like all of these things all at the same time!!

Yeah. I kind of love all this...and the images are from this AMAZING blog My New Roots , she takes the most gorgeous photos of her recipes, and all them are all natural and super delicious looking! So check her out!

Not only am I going to eat as naturally and organically as I can, I'm also trying to limit my hair and bodycare products to all natural ones.

For my hair I'm currently using all natural shampoo and conditioner:

More Moisture Raspberry & Brazil Nut Shampoo
The lovely Burt's Bees shampoo, free of parabans and alcohol, and it smells really good.
For my conditioner....shea moisture raw shea butter restorative conditioner. I JUST got it today, and so far I like it, but we'll see how it stands against the test of time! But its fragrence free, paraben free, alcohol free, and as far as I can tell, its pretty moisturizing-
UPDATE: Feb. 2017, as far as I remember, I didn't end up liking the shea moisture conditioner, so I don't think I would recommend it.


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