Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cobalt Skies...

Hey girls!
Well, the SAT is over and done with, and it went well! I finished every section with time to spare, the essay went well, and overall, I'm very happy with how it turned out. I studied hard, worked hard, and it turned out great! I was getting rather tired of looking at this guy all the time though--
That's calculator. I was studying my brains out for those math section, and was seeing to much of that guy for my own comfort! But its all over with, so thats great :)
Sorry if I sound wierd, I'm kinda stressed out about some things going on in my life...just some personal stuff that I'm having a wierd time dealing with so bear with me!
I took some more photos yesterday...I was out on a fall walk, the air is finally cool here and it was so beautiful outside, with the sun all golden like it gets in the fall. Anyways, some photos are from that walk, and others are just photos I wanted to show you guys. Enjoy!

I love happy little flowers. I love how Florida still has flowers in November!! How cool is that?
But don't think that Florida has NO hints of Fall..its the little details of this season that touch me so much.

Like a beautiful red leaf lying in the cold water...its so expressive of everything I love about this season.
Its not only the vivid of the leaves, but also the pale and dry, but beautiful.

Like these dried grasses. Technically they are dead, but they seem so gorgeous to me. They represent what fall is..a great prelude to a new beginning.

These walks refresh me so much. I can get my thoughts in order, talk to God, and the way my crazy life is going, these walks help me keep my sanity! I feel so much pressure from all sides, to be the perfect girl, skinny with clear skin and perfect hair, to have the best grades, to have the best blog, to to be the most athletic and talented...but out there I can escape, and just walk and be ME.

It rained like crazy the other day, so our creek was really full!

Notice how red the earth is? Now THAT is southern clay...its everywhere and extremely hard to get out of clothes. Not that i've spatter my self with it or anything...haha

Just look at that adorable little daisy! It makes my heart smile :)

Just look at how beautiful that is! I feel so privilaged that I am placed a world where there is such beauty, that can provide such peace and solace, because it remind me of my wonderful, Almight Creator, who formed everything.

I loved the angle on this.

That's all the pictures I have the energy to post tonight. I hope you liked them...and I wouldn't mind some prayer guys. Its kind of touch for me right now, I have to juggle a million different things, plus figure out a matter of the heart, if you know what I mean. So your prayer and your patience is greatly appreciated.

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  1. I love your pictures! They are so artistic!! I love eye pics to. :)