Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hola mi lovelies!! Did you all have an amaaaazing thanksgiving? I sure did! My granparents were here and it was just a wonderful time to relax, eat, and spend time with the family! Well, the holiday has come and gone, but I still have pictures from the times we spent with our grandparents and the places we went...and that's what I wanted to focus on as far as photos today!!
The spot--Fort Pickens, down by the beach.
The company--My mom, dad, grandparents, and sister. And ME of course, grasping my camera the entire time!!
That's my grandmother and my mom, in the arches of the old fort.
That fort was really beautiful, there was something so majestic about it. It just seemed as if the old and cracked walls were just full of memories. I wonder what stories those stones could tell, of battles and bravery, tales untold?

This jail door especially made me think. What prisoners of war were once kept there? What broken and battered men were once held behind these bars?

And yet, among the stones, green was still growing everywhere.

I loved the door...with in a door...within a door..

Oh yeah. and there cannons everywhere.

All along the walls and turrets...

Me, my Dad, and my grandpa with his funky hat and sunglasses :)

My Grandma...looking beautiful :)

Well, I actually have to go now, dinner awaits and I'm starving! Enjoy the pictures, the little slice into our American history.
Ari :)

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  1. Love the pictures! Looks like fun.