Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hi girls!
How has your week been?
I've been wading through schoolwork and friends, the usual ups and downs of highschool life, and somehow, have become slightly drained throughout the process. Usually I am completely bubbling with enthusiam and giggliness, and thus fill my blog with it, but this week I feel more like a lake than a creek. Lakes are slow, quiet, and beautiful, and reflect the sky above. Creeks are loud and burbling and rushing along like no tomorrow, no time to reflect the clouds in the sky.
We all go through phases..I suppose this is my lake phase :)
The phase is probably helped by the weather outside, it is like my mood, slow, slightly warm, and mellow. Warm you ask? Yes...*sigh* warm. You see in Florida, the weather has no notion of actually cooling down before January. It is rather pathetic, and I am still holding out hope for a cold Christmas, because warm Christmas' are just ghastly!
In any case, fear not, this shall not be a photoless post. I found a lovely feather the other day just on our front porch and amused myself by taking pictures of it.

As you can see, different edits cause different lighting. I liked the way the feather fanned out in a rather dramatic way, it wasn't so harshly sleek like some other feathers, but all downy and wispy.

This one is rather blurry, and I apologise, but I loved the way the light caught on those few strands that blew out in the wind.
And so as to not bore you with endless feather pictures, I'll include another one I edited and am rather fond of .

I love how the edit on this photo turned out...mainly because for some reason, it seems to me like a Jack Johnson song, only in photo form. That probably sounds wierd, but Jack Johnson is one of my favorite musicians because his music is quiet and simple and peaceful, yet it makes you enjoy life just a little bit more than you did before. It brings out the shades and thoughts and abstract words that you never saw before. This photo was just a picture of a powerline structure, but if you think of the currents zapping along inside, filled with endless thoughts and words, like a canal of articulation...well, it's just like a Jack Johnson song.
Then again, I do love to look beyond the first glance of things, to see beyond shapes and hard forms, into the feelings behind, the emotions of the experience rather than the experience itself.
Emotions, and thoughts aren't usually just words, like a script in your head.
They are blurry outlines of pictures, colors, cold or warmth, a fragment of a song, a memory of a smile. Emotions stay with you for a while too. Two weeks after you experience something you probably won't be able to remember the strict details, what you were wearing, the scenery, even the exact words that were said, but you'll remember the emotions you felt there, especially if they were intense.
These things fascinate me. There is so much going on behind people's faces, so much emotion that no one but them will ever see...its a mystery.
Its my dream though, to be able to capture and describe emotions, and not force them into a mold like "excited, or sad" but show them as they really are, as elusive as they are.
Well, that's my little tidbit today. Keep dreaming girls!
                                              All my love, and God's blessings, Ari <3              

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