Saturday, February 5, 2011

My happy collage of happiness :P

This, right hee, is a collage of things that make me very happy :) It was so much fun making it at you should definitely go there are make one of your own..about any topic really.
You will notice there is cantaloupe up there...I literally could eat that stuff all day long. My mom has to hide it from me. I am SO not joking...I love that stuff more than any person ever should.
The photo under the cantaloupe is an estheticin givin a lady a mask treatment :) Ahhhhh so excited! :P
The of course, my beautiful camera of beauty, my dog, my piano, my friend shannon and I making our "obese faces"...we had "anorexic faces" too..but I forgot to edit it! Mannn we have fun :)
Anyways, those are just some of the things that make me super collage form!

The only drawback of blogging alot of posts is after a run out of news about yourself. Nothing really new, just doin the same old stuff and really enjoying my Saturday, got a great bible study in last night, so that made me happy :)
Enjoy your weekend girlies!


  1. I love your happy collage!! Your dog is SO cute! Oh my goodness. :)


  2. Thankyou!!! And yes...she is, and she knows it too! She's so funny, can go from hyper an growly to adorable in the shortest amount of time!! Such a drama queen :)