Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tralalaaa Anniversary!! :)

Guess what guys? It's my 111th post!! I knew this momentous occasion had to be celebrated with some lovely pictures and joy to all!!
Yes. I am hyper and happy.
Why, you ask? Why, oh mistress of crazy curly hair and a fondness for oatmeal raisin cookies, why are you happy and hyper?
I finally had something pretty to take pictures of today:

I LOVE the lighting on this one....yummy :)

And it is pretty isn't it? *sigh* I loved being able to finally take pictures again.
ANOTHER reason why I am happylicious is...
I went shopping at Beall's Outlet (A florida only store) and got an AWESOME haul, for like cheeeeap.

A pair of cute (and modest) shorts for $14.99 and a cami for $5.99

Same shorts...different cami!!

And a blue skirt that is super comfy and makes me feel like a woman's tennis player :)
SO. That's why I'm super happy and hyper :) A good shopping trip always does that.
Have an AWWWESOME rest of the week!

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