Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The World is Just Purple :)

Hey girls!!
First of do you like the new blog design?? I love it sooo much, I had so much fun making the header, and I love how it turned out! I wanted a spring feel...and yes, it is only February, but in Florida, that means spring is almost here, and it usually explodes into bloom in March, my birthday month!
I really can't wait for it to get here, for the flowers to peep out and the grass to turn green, and all the leaves to come out fresh and and brilliantly green.
Second of all...I am RATHER excited because last night I got asked to prom :P Fun, huh? So all sorts of prom-y things have been twisting around in my noggin...with the all-important dress at the forefront of course.
The reason for the title? I would love to have a purple dress, because purple is amaaazing :)
My dress was black last year:

While it was a cute dress and EXTREMELY cheap (20 bucks from Ross) it was kind of clingy and had a tendency to ride much leg showin when your on the dance floor! Besides black is a bit somber, though classy, and I would love something a bit more cheerful this year.
Something maybe like this:
Although I probably couldn't do strapless, considering I am rather lacking in the chest mother's genes at work there! Not that I'm complaining...i got her slender genes to, so that's a blessing!

I love this shade of purple..I'd like it to be satiny too:)

If I was to wear a long dress it would look a bit like can't be too full, because our prom is always full of swing dancing and the like, so there's alot of moving and not too much room for huge skirts!
I really like this longer dress too...we'll have to see what the stores have in time for prom:)

My dress will probably end up looking like this, bright irridescent purple, shorter, satiny, and pretty plain, I don't like the dresses with alot of tulle or sequins and stitching all over the place.
(these dresses below were found at
Buy Strapless Prom Dress  at PromGirl
I also like this one, though Iwould prefer a satiny material, I like the cut and flow of the dress.
Buy High Low Dress 16586 at PromGirl
This one is super pretty too...though the front my be a bit too short.

Buy Strapless Dress with Flowers at PromGirl
I REALLY like this one...It's pretty much everything I want in my prom dress, shorter, satiny, and super fun:)
(Plus it's $136...which isnt too bad for a prom dress!)
City Triangles® Starburst Beaded Pickup Ballgown
This one is from JC penney's and its $149...I think it's really pretty.
And though I am rather set on the purple theme
I think this dress is really cute, and only $89 from Dillards,
And so is this one! Also $89
This one from Charlotte Russe is only $29!! guys have probably seen way more prom dresses than you ever wanted to in this post...but I'm excited:)
I have been to prom before, but usually just with a group of friends, this is my first time with a date, so I'm SUPER should be so much fun!!
Anyways. Pictures should come later when I go shopping for a dress and try some on..we'll see if I stick with the style and color I've been wishing for :)
As for hairstyles...should I bother you guys with pictures? Haha..mayyybe.
I was thinking something like this, only my hair isn't that long yet..YET. I am growing it out as fast as I can :)
That's really cute too..but again, long.
This length and style is more like it, and I really like it, except for not being blond of course!
Do you know I have never dyed my hair? Always been too scared it would turn out awful..isn't that silly? Haha anyways, I will be staying my natural reddish self for prom.
Anyways, I'm popping the prom dreams bubble so you guys don't get bored...moving on to real life!'
I'm also super excited because this weekend my youth group is going to Acquire the Fire in New Orleans :)
It's a christian conference that lasts the weekend, with speakers and dramas and was super powerful last year, so I can't wait to go back again, plus hanging with my girl and dude friends is so much fun :)
Lookin pretty good, have picked a tiny bit, and was immediatly remorseful, went swimming in the local indoor pool and that seemed to have helped, am going back there tomorrow!
So that's my mind in a nutshell...prom and acquire the fire! Fun, huh?
Have an awesome rest of the week!


  1. Oh, wow... that's a lot of purple dresses! :D I can't wait to see what you choose. And I know - I'm growing my hair out too. I always get it cut to around my shoulders, and then I immediately want to start growing it out again. Then... when it gets long, I want it cut again. Yep. lol! :P

    Hope the rest of your week is awesome too, Ariana!

    ~ Love,

    P.S. - I love the new blog look! <3

  2. Love the dresses ! My sister went to prom one year , and she wore a yellow dress :) It kinda looks like the 3rd purple dress . Except her's wasn't as big on the bottom , and wasn't strapless . Her dress reminded me of Bell from Beauty and the Beast !

    Nice post :)

  3. Thanks girls! Lindsey: I totally understand about the hair..but I am MAKING myself grow it out...I'm just gonna have to deal with sweaty hair in the summer! Sarah grace: your sister's dress sounds so pretty:)