Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pierce the Haze

Hola mi amigas!! How do you girlies fare this fine Thursday afternoon? I am fine...still a bit weak, but recovering, not nearly as bad as yesterday, when my fever was 102 degrees...and I still got a blogpost in...that's how much I love you guys:)
But I figure since yesterday's post was so picture laden, you'll be fine with a bit of a novel from me now won't you? Sure you will:)
So. (Haha I do that alot huh? The whole So. thing--baha I'm so silleh :P )
Anyways, the burning topic at hand (well, at least the FIRST burning topic at hand), is of course, a skin update.
I'm kinda astounded. My face is almost totally clear. Only three zits on my cheeks that are fading every day. What is this madness? I haven't even been using the green tea that much..I felt bad about using up so many teabags...*blushes*
I've just been using my normal routine (Again, if you want to know what my normal routine is for skincare, check out my January post titled 'Could It Be Magic'..that'll let you know) and the zits have been dissapearing, and I'm like WHAT?
My ideas for why this flabbergasting experience has happened in such a flabbergasting manner:
-I haven't picked my face in a little bit. Could this be my face's way of saying "THANK GOD, she's not torturing me anymore!!"
-I have been sick, and therefore, holed up all week, unable to exercise like I normally do. Is there a connection between my running and my acne? (NOO!! I hope not :( I LOVE running)
-I have been using the routine for maybe a month now...did it just take a little bit to work?

I'm REALLY hoping its not the running, because no matter if I get zits or not, I can't stop running. I'm going nutso just this week because I can't run. Quitting isn't even an option. So I really hope that isn't it.
So I'm really hoping its the first and third idea..that way the clearness will continue...please?
I haven't been totally clear for SO long. I do have scars, but those will fade with time, and are easily covered up.
Well. That's my skin's hoping that it continues to be favorable news.

Other things that have managed to pierce the fog of my sick haze:
The fact that
<em>Cascadian Farms</em> Oats & Honey Granola <em>Cereal</em> -- 17 oz Each / Pack of 10
Cascadian farms organic oats and honey granola is the most awesome cereal I have tasted as of now.
Random factiod:)


Aussie hair products are pretty awesome :) I have the moisture shampoo and condish and it makes my hair sooo soft and shiny:)


this picture of demi lovato

and this picture of me with straight hair are a "*little* similar. Of course she is wayyyy more gorgeous than me, but you know, the expressions are somewhat the same.
She is one of my favorite actresses, at least on Disney. I love how she has a small chest (like me) curvier, muscley thighs (like me) and looks on the random side of things (like me).

Anyways. That is my shooorrtt postypost for today:) Enjoy, my lovely readers!


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