Friday, June 10, 2011

Judging a Book by its Cover....

The cover above was made for me by a friend from rest I made myself from pictures on the internet.
So tell me which one you like best, and that will be my official cover my book 'Secret Keeper' on! (And for those interested in reading afore mentioned book--look at the bottom of my blog page, there is a wattpad button that will lead you right to it...thanks!)
I'm sorry the quality is so poor...but I really like this cover...the dark hair and big eyes mimic the heroine in my story :)

(For all who are wondering, aurielle is my username on wattpad) I like this one because it shows a glimpse of the era the book is set in, the 1940's...and although the cover model's hair is not long, it's dark.

Okay, in this one, the model looks nothing like my heroine, but she looks sad and alone, like the heroine of my story often feels, so I thought the melancholy, and the early 20th century look of the photo gave it some merit.

This onr is a personal favorite...I really like the whole aura it gives off of being old..and slightly mysterious.

I really like this one too...

This is one version of the zooey deschanel cover...

And this is the other version.

OKAY, I need y'alls votes on this...which cover do you guys like best, and which do you think suits the story and the heroine best? I'm really to tired to say vote away and give me your is very muchly desired!!
Love and ink smudges,
Ari <3


  1. Hmmm... I think your personal favorite is my personal favorite. ;) Either that one or the second Zooey Deschanel one. The other one might be better though, since it has that old-fashioned look. Hope that helps! :)


  2. pictaaaaaaah numero UNO! ;D