Saturday, June 4, 2011

Write Down My Smile...

Hey guys! I am so sorry for not posting in a week! But in my defense, it really has been super busy, I've been finishing school, working and all that normal teenage-y stuff :) But I so am back, so I hope you guys didn't miss me too much!! I noticed that I haven't posted a chapter from my story on here in a few posts, so this will be a Secret Keeper post :)
So I did the SAT again today...and I don't know what the deal is, maybe it gets easier as you do it several times, because I felt really comfortable doing it, and I hope my scores reflect that! I studied really hard, and I really hope I get good scores! That would be so awesome :)
And would make me jump for joy :)
Anyways, its kind of interesting to watch people when you're at these testing things, especially if you're a homeschooler like me and don't get to be in a classroom setting often. You can tell by body language who is nervous and who couldn't care less, by those who finish early and those who check over their work, or those who spend alot of time erasing. Its pretty cool to see how everyone has different methods of dealing with the testing. I get kind of OCD when I test, so I'm super thorough and check my stuff over and over again...haha I probably should relax some, but if it gets me a good score, then I'll go all Monk with the OCD-ness :)
Well, that's pretty much all my news, here comes Chapter Three of Secret Keeper..and remember, at the bottom of my blog there's a button for my wattpad account, please check it out and give my story more reads on there! Thanks.

Chapter three: Glimpse of Mystery

He walked along the old forest path, just a little bit farther, then the meadow would be in sight. He glanced to his right and caught a glimpse of his sister's swinging yellow braids as she skipped past him.

"Aislinn! Don't run with the food!" he called, realizing as the words left his lips that he might as well not have said them. His sister was so far ahead by now that there was no way she could have heard him. He spat out a quiet curse. He could just imagine what state his carefully constructed sandwich was in now.
Not to mention the peaches were probably bruised and...

"Oh stop worrying about the food Trystan! Typical male mind--always on the food."

His sister's bright face bounced before him as she hopped up and down, dramatically shaking the picnic basket. He smiled down at her and in one quick movement, snatched the basket from her fingers.

"Hey!" she yelled, but she was laughing as she darted in pursuit, "No fair!"

"Life is seldom fair." Trystan mimicked his mother's solemn tones, staring down at his sister with mock gravity, "You should know that by now, Aislinn."

His words of wisdom received no reply, Aislinn was already up and away, running ahead toward the sunshine of the meadow. As he walked ahead, his gaze snagged on an unfamiliar figure among the greenery of the forest.
The sun glinted off of a long shining shaft of dark brown hair, and he just caught a glimpse of a pale face and a thin, waif-like figure ducking behind one of the trees.

Trystan stopped and stared at the spot where the girl had disappeared. He might be wrong, but in that second he'd been able to see her, it looked like she was that secret keeper girl, the one that never spoke, no matter what anyone said to her.
He'd never whispered a secret to her, but he'd seen her, sitting on that old chair in front of Bo Rustman's store, silent, usually with her head bent low, so her hair fell above her face like a curtain.

He'd seen her eyes only once, but he knew he'd never forget them.
Large grayish green eyes, full of unspoken words, and a pain so deep that it washed the all that was ordinary from her eyes and made them windows to her soul.

What was she doing out here?

As he turned away and walked slowly down the beaten path, he wished he could have seen her eyes again. They were beautiful, so deep, and so sad. He wondered what could happen to a person to make their eyes look that way. Like a wounded animal, an innocent creature subjected to pain.

He shook his head slowly. Aislinn was calling for him...he should forget those eyes for now.
But he knew, as he settled down in the grass and opened the basket, dramatically moaning at the sight of the smashed sandwiches, that he would think of a secret that needed telling, and soon.


That is the introduction to our lovely male protagonist, Trystan :) I know it's rather a short chapter, but I'll post the fourth one soon! Have a lovely Saturday girls, and enjoy summer vacation!!
Love and kisses,

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