Friday, May 6, 2011

Grab Onto Moments As They Slip By....

Do you ever just get a hankering sometimes for the way things used to be?
I grew up a late 90's\early 2000's child. and sometimes I look back at everything, bad hair, wierd clothes, and jellies shoes (I had a pair of sparkly ones!) and can't help but feel nostalgic. In an era where everything--clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, figures, are all striving towards such perfection, sometimes its fun to look back at the frizzy hair, MC Hammer pants (EWW!), baggy jeans, and loose tshirts and say "Ahhh..those were the days..."
I get that feeling whenever I read some old Babysitters Club books (Did you guys ever read those? I'm pretty sure Claudia and Mary Anne were my favorite characters :P) or happen to hear the Backstreet Boys somewhere, or watch a rerun of Full House--I remember what it was like being a kid, and how much the world has changed since then.
Back then, if you had a boombox, you were the coolest, and everyone was all excited about the Lion King coming out, and EVERYBODY knew about Britney Spears, Christina Aguilara, Justin Timberlake, and Aaron Carter (not that I'm condoning the lifestyles or careers of these people...that was just their era of fame!)

The style wasn't great back then, but it's funny to look back and think "Wow...I used to think those were the coolest ever!" Isn't it wierd how the world changes?
Makes me wonder what the world is going to be like in 2020..will I be looking back to 2011, and having the same feelings I do now about  the late 90's\early 2000's?
It's interesting to think about.
Only a few years have past, and so much has changed. Not that all change is bad, I LOVE my itouch, and I love the clothes and music nowadays's just interesting to my to see how different eras go by, passing silently, never really missed until their over.
When I was living in the early 2000's, I couldn't imagine the world being another way.
it seemed to me that it would always be the coolest and most punk thing to have a bellybutton ring, that N Sync and the Backstreet boys would always be the hottest bands, and CD's would always be the way I would listen to my music. It never occured to me that world could or would change.
And then it did, and me along with it.
Luckily, I can always revisit those eras, through photo albums, music, and TV shows...but it's never quite the same. I can never relive my childhood, and its kind of scary to think about how fast time passes, and how little any of us take time to enjoy each moment, each era as it goes by.
Thinking about the past makes me want to enjoy the present as much as I can, and live it to the fullest, because the world will always be moving, and it never seems to stand still long enough for anyone to really experience it completely.
So I'll enjoy what makes 2011 great, because before I know it, 2012 will be here, and I'll be eighteen, and my teen years will almost be over, and I'll take what makes my childhood such a wonderful memory, and try to preserve that too.
The laughter, the dancing as I listen to music, not caring what my hair looks like, and putting on glitter eyeshadow because its fun..just living to the fullest.
That's what I want to about you guys?

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