Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scribblin Secrets

Thought you'd all like that little glimpse into the purple lovelies of our garden--pansies :)
So how has your week been? Mine has been super busy, lots an loooots of school...I know, uninteresting, but hey--thats reality!
But...what IS interesting, and what I AM excited about, is that I am writing a book on, and I think its going really well! I would post a link...but for some reason it only lets me share the link on facebook and a few other sites, like twitter, so I can't post the link on here, but I will copy the chapter and let you guys read it as I write it!! the bottom of my blog page, there is a button that connects YOU to MY story :) Please read it, vote for it, like it, LOVE IT!!
Thanks :)'s the very first chapter of my book entitled 'Secret Keeper'..enjoy!!
Oh...and this is one of the covers I designed for it.

Chapter 1: Silent Figure

Shadows were rippling across her face as she sat on the prickly wicker chair, the harsh noises of automobiles cranking past as they sputtered down the rough road. She stared down at her feet. Hairline cracks in the cement spiderwebbed beneath her, as if the whole floor was about to give way.

Another shadow fell upon her, blocking whatever warmth she had recieved from the sun. She hugged her jade green knit sweater to her arms too late, goose bumps were already popping out across her skin. She didn't need to look up. Just another burdened soul. She clenched her eyes tight as the man leaned down toward her, his bowler hair brushing against her dark hair, his breath against her ear making her insides cringe.

"Yesterday, I lost one hundred dollars at a card game. I was planning to win, I swear. Andy Burkhart must have cheated. I didn't mean to lose her grocery money, I was planning on doubling the amount. But she won't understand."

As she absorbed his words, his shadow and his smell of sweat and cigars slowly disappeared. Another secret. This one hadn't been too dreadful, not too much pain. Just a foolish decision. He would forget, but only after he'd let it go, passed it on to her. Her eyes slowly opened, and her clenched lips relaxed slightly. Not too much pain. Not like the time Celina Durnham had admitted to poisoning her cruel father so she could run away with her lover, or the time Matthias Jernigan whispered to her that he had stolen a large amount of money from a nearby convenience store. Those instances she had nearly fainted from the dizzying pain, the overwhelming feelings of guilt, shame, and fear that swelled inside her with each transferred secret.

Was her time over? The sun was lazily sinking over the horizon dotted with trees and powerline poles. The clammy air was growing colder, and her thin dress was no buffer against the chilly twilight air. She had to wait until the bell rang, but still, the day was winding down, fewer people on the street, fewer confidences to be told. Couldn't she go early? She turned her head around and stared through the dusty windows of the shop behind her.

There was Bo. His white shirt was stained with sweat, and his few remaining strands of hair were slicked back with a day's worth of perspiration. His round cheeks and rounder belly reminded one of a Santa Claus photograph, but the similarity ended with his eyes. They were dull eyes, dead eyes, and only at the sight of money or at the thought of some deplorable exploit did they brighten somewhat, illuminated with a cruel and greedy light. He was behind his counter, and when he saw her staring through the dirty windowpanes, he lazily flicked his glance away.

She wouldn't be leaving until the last bell-tone echoed in the church clock tower. Her skin, pale from birth, grew paler, as the shadows of dusk painted deep, dark circles beneath her haunted eyes. Was she nothing but a box to hold secrets in?


So what do you guys think? That's the first chapter, I have two more written as of now...if you have any questions, comment, and I'll post the next chapter soon!!
Oh--and here is the second cover I designed...

Kay! Hope you guys enjoy!
Love and kisses,

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