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Stories and Lake Superior...

I LOVE this one..

Isn' this place just completely gorgeous? When I'm old and retired, I'm going to build a summer home right on lake superior. It's the best. Birch trees (my favorite) right by the fresh water (my favorite) with lots of cool driftwood and rocks (which is awesome) and cute little northern cabins (which are adorable). See? It's awesome.

Birch trees. Right. By. The. Water. :)

This isn't near lake Superior..but its another lake in Michigan and my goodness, isn't it gorgeous?'s the second chapter of my story: Secret Keeper. Enjoy!

Chapter Two: Nearly a Slave

She was up before the sun's sleepy rays shone over the horizon.
 It was her day. Her one free day of the week, to be alone and burden-free, to try and forget all the secrets inside her, to just be herself. The sun reflected off the small mirror hanging on the dusty beige wall paper, and she moved over and stared at her own reflection, as if looking at herself would make her more real. Two green-gray eyes stared back at her, and her dark hair was sticking out at odd angles from tossing and turning at night.
Her fingers reached out and touched the glass, tracing the round shape of her face.
She turned away. If only she could just be that girl, without all that was held within her, like a pretty urn fill with dead ashes. Her chin lifted. She wouldn't think of these things today. It was her day. Pulling one her less scratchy dresses over her head, and combing her tangly hair with an ancient comb, she deemed herself presentable, and walked with cautious steps to the wooden door.

Rattling snores emanated from the crack in the door leading to Bo's room, it was a Saturday, he wouldn't be up for hours. She walked down the barren hallway till she came to the kitchen. It smelled like the oily leftovers of a bad hamburger. She wrinkled her nose. Didn't Bo ever clean up after he ate?
There must have been at least five old fast food wrappers on the counter, with the trashcan not ten feet away. Lazy.

She opened the fridge and pulled out some crepes that she'd made for herself last night...then hidden them in the back of the fridge so Bo wouldn't discover them, and figure he could go for a third dessert.
She wondered how much money Bo had made off of her yesterday.
The old cashbox that was her constant companian had been nearly full yesterday.
Alot of people had secrets. Her fingers bit into the delicate crepe as she thought of all the money that should have been hers, money that could help her get out of here, away from Bo, away from everyone that had something to hide and just needed to tell her.

She walked out the dusty glass door and headed out across the main road, to the paths into the forest.
Some girls spent their Saturdays with their friends at the soda shop, laughing with the bar boys and drinking root beer floats.
Some girls spent their free time reading or out shopping. Her? She didn't have any money, she didn't have any friends. Who wanted to be friends with a girl who could speak because she was cursed?

Even in this small town, where everyone laughed at magic, and believed in only what they heard gossiped, everyone knew the curse was real. No one knew why she'd been chosen.
She didn't even know why she'd been chosen. All she knew was that from the time she was a little girl, she'd never said a word, and had always been sitting on that wicker chair, listening to secrets. When she'd cry, Bo would tell her to shut up, a town needs a secret keeper.

"Secrets are what makes a town rot, you hear me? Secrets are what tear people apart. Now you sit in that chair, and you listen to those people. As long as people will exist, there will be secrets. Why should they have to carry them their whole lives?"

Why should she? Why did she have to carry a whole town's burdens on her shoulders.
But she could ask that. She couldn't say no. While Bo profited off of her, she had no voice. The forest sighed around her, as if the trees understood. She scuffed her toe in the cool earth.
Only out here did she feel like a person, not a slave.


So what do you guys think? ive got more chapters coming up...please give me some feedback! And go to the bottom of my blog page and click the wattpad button and vote for my story!! Thanks!

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