Friday, September 10, 2010

The Almost-Saturday Day

Yes, it's FRIDAY and how glad am I that it is here and saturday is just peeking around the corner! I'm sorry I haven't posted, it's been an awfully busy week, with school and whatnot, being a junior is hard work! As promised I will show you some of my inspirational Wisconsin\Michigan photos and other things that strike my fancy.
It's funny how time flies, at least in your mind. I guess it depends on how busy you are, because vacation seemed to stretch on forever, at least to me. Without half the day being taken up  by school the days seemed twice as long. And even though it was two weeks long, which is a considerable amount of time, it felt much longer than two weeks would feel at home. So now I am home, and the days are just whizzing along, filled with school and all that other stuff I like to do. Funny how time is relative like that. are some more "up north' pictures..

Wild daises just steal my heart
Yes we do still have an outhouse (i know--how archaic!! And trust me...I didn't use it. Goodness knows how long its been there!!)
a random fish toy..but it was so cute!!
I love that dock, its like a stage out in the middle of the lake to worship Jesus, and the trees worship with you, and their hands are clapping and waving...
This is one of my favorite photos of up there..I don't know why, but lighting makes the water look gorgeous.
My computor is being wierd, so I won't be able to fit any Lake Superior pictures on here, unfortunatelt, but I'll save that for the next post.

I went in the pool today and swam, mostly because I didn't feel like running, and it was deliciously refreshing and strengthening. There's something about water that rejuvinates you and gives you life (beyond the fact that without it life could not exist). But seriously, playing in the pool with friends or family is so much fun. Water just lightens the atmosphere, I guess because it enables you to let go and do things you can't normally do.
I can glide underwater as if I'm flying, I can to handsprings and back flips, and I can let loose a stream of bubbles, only to have them rush up again and tickle my face.
I know, that was a random tangent about water, but its something that made a postive impact on my day so I thought I'd mention it! Besides, I know alot of girls out there are swimmers and love thr water too!
The other thing that really made my day today is being able to start crocheting a scarf that I'm making this winter. Crocheting is so much fun, and the yarn is purple and fluffy, so it doesn't get much cooler than that!
I felt houswife-ish and craftsy as I was doing it, and I relish those feelings. I'm the type of person that can be described as creative, just not WILDLY creative. I'll do craftsy things sometimes, when the mood strikes me. I should really craft more often because there's something so postive about it. You're making something out of nothing, or transforming something old into something new, it makes you think in new ways--basically, it's pretty cool.
So have a lovely weekend ladies, and keep your eyes fixed firmly on the Prize above.

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