Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Returned From Afar

Hello my bloggerinas!!
As my header suggests, I've just returned from a lengthy vacation in Wisconsin, which was not only fun and relaxing..but also just what I needed to snap myself back into shape. For a while there I was sunk in the bogs of some pretty deep depression. I'm not sure whether you all could tell, I tried not to make it obvious..I mean, who wants to read a depressing blog? The vacation our family took proved to be an excellent oppurtunity to sit back, view my life from a distance, and decide what needs changing. I didn't feel like I had enough I decided to get out there, join classes and clubs, and MAKE new friends. I didn't feel pretty enough, or stylish enough. So I decided to refine what I could...then bargain shop, but NOT so I look like everybody else..but so I look how I am on the inside. So my clothes fit my personality. I felt not I decided to throw myself into studying. Really all basic concepts...I just needed to step back and reavaluate my goals and desires. All of us have certain things about ourselves that we don't like. With some things, such as our bodies and other physical appearance things, we should trust that God made us how he wanted us to be, be thankful for that, and then play up our best features. With other things however, such as athletic ability, or grades, or social skills..those things can and should be worked on until you are reaching your full potential!
So that has become my goal, in the areas that I actually CAN work on and change, I will do my VERY best and work as hard as I can to improve myself. And yes, the blog is going to be one of those areas that I can improve. Obviously, I'm just starting out and am NOT going to be perfect, but I can try my hardest to improve. I will do more relevant articles about things that affect everybody, add a short story or two, and try to encourage you, my wonderful readers, to be closer to my wonderful Jesus.  In the end, that matters so much more than clothes, popularity, or anything this world values so much.
I will be adding pictures from wisconsin later...I'll show you guys our cabin, the beautiful lake, and the tie-dye shirt I bought up there and became totally obsessed with!!
That about wraps things up my ladies. Keep working, keep fighting, keep growing in your faith.
God bless!!
Ari <3

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