Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Holy Spirit Moves

God worked a revival of sorts within me. I was listening to a Christian song in my room and I just turned it up and danced..but it wasn't just regular dancing, I was dancing in worship..something I don't think I've ever done. But it was one of the best experiences ever. And I was listening to it again and I just started writing a letter to God in my journal and crying an realizing how much He has done for me and how little I deserve was so amazing. He truly is my Hero, he has saved me and done so much for me, and SHAME on me for not giving all I have to him...for He gave his all to me. I'm starting to have an inkling that God means for me to be a missionary, I am so convicted when I read the new testement---Christians are supposed to make disciples for Christ, win souls for heaven. I think about hell and just SHUDDER to think of anyone going there. We as christians should be working 24-7 to help other see the love of Christ. I have been a christian ever since I was four, so I have never experienced a life without the love of God permeating it. But I can imagine it...and I would have to be SO selfish to deny anyone the oppurtunity to experience that love and transformation.
God has literally saved my life, and changed it in a way I never could. He has blessed me so much, and I owe so much to him. How could I not do what he commands me, go where he wants me to go?
As for being a missionary...I am especially drawn to Vietnam because I saw a video a while ago about the conditions there. The believers give up everything, they are horribly treated, live in constant danger, yet they have SUCH joy and peace and strength.
Anyway, that's what has been on my heart and what I wanted to share with you guys. What is God calling you to do, where is he calling you to go? Will you obey?
All my love and Gos'd blessings,

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