Friday, September 24, 2010

Wanderer's Ramblings...

Alright ladies, it's finally time for a proper blog post. I've been feeling rather like a chicken with it's head cut off, running around, trying to do things. I've basically been doing school, taking pictures, going to youth group, running\swimming, and today I did my second class of karate (we go twice a week).
I'm pretty excited that karate has started up, we took a break for a while because our instructpr was out of town, but thankfully, he's back! I'm also kind of excited because I passed kind of a milestone today. In preporation for our upcoming test (to become the next belt..I'll be testing for the red belt) we did some of the things we would have to do for the test, to see if we had enough stamina..and I did 50 pushups, 75 leglifts, and 700 kicks in under twenty minutes!! :D So I'm pretty excited about that..besides, karate is SUPER fun. I love hanging out with my friends there, and our instructor is awesome. Our class is kind of small, but weve gotten so used to each other, were like a family.

And so you guys won't get bored with my gabbing on and are some *ahem* candid pictures of the past few days!

                        My brother (luckily) snatched my camera when he noticed my puppy, sleeping next to my sister's stuffed puppy. How adorable!!!

I took some loads of pictures with my bible the other day...and loved how the pages looked like a heart when I folded them like that...I must confess, the original idea for the picture wasn't mine...but the pictures certainly are!

I hope these pictures show you all how much I love God's word...and how I want to be like (most) of the men and women described of those pages. I mean..come on, Delilah isn't a very good role model right? :)
I have tons more pictures...but really, I feel like I'm harassing you guys with pictures, kind of like I'm throwing chunks of my life at you like baseballs. I know. Wierd anaolgy. If that's not the case, then tell me, but I really don't want to overload you guys with my random pictures. 

That's it for tonight, my lovelies...I have been on this computor entirely too long.
All my love and God's blessings,


  1. See you got your header to work (yay!!)

    Ummm - karate? Whoa, didn't know you did that!!

    As for the air conditioning, it must've been torture. We've had those days. ;) Actually, we used the fan more for the leaky appliances - dishwashers you know. ;)

    I use baking soda and water for acne - and it works. Sorta. Too much baking soda hurts though. ;)



  2. I love how you made the pages of the Bible a heart!!! :) Gorgeous. I call my Bible, "The Love Story"... God's love put in book format! ha.

    And for acne- I am actually on a prescription ointment, but if yours is pretty annoying and red- you should try the clean and clear Benzl-10 stuff... it works realllllly well, oh and the St. Ives Apricot Scrub for Blemishes and Blackheads.

    Love, Makay