Monday, September 27, 2010

Ideas, Elevations. Conglomerations... I'm not sure "conglomerations" is a word...but I use it to describe a bundle of"This basket is a comglomeration of candies and sweets!"Speaking of sweet is one of them! It's an absolutely gorgeous day, the light is soft, and I'm practically all alone in the house, so it's all still and quiet here, plus I'm done with all my school. And remember how I said I wouldn't post any photography posts? *winces* I can't resist!! I've taken so many pictures and I am just DYING to share them!! So although I am extremely guilty...I will post some pictures. Photography is a part of would be like cutting off my right arm to not take pictures..and not to share them as well! I mean, what good is all this picture taking if I can't place them before you guys to critique so I can get better?
Okay. So. The pictures.

I loved the amber sap on the driftwood! BTW...almost all these pictures were taken in the strip of land behind my house. :)

The land behind my house has all these beautiful little canyons created by downhill rain rivers...I love them.

I LOVE these ferns. Just love them.

Omigosh! I just love these little seed pitchers! They are so cute with their little spines!

I cannot describe how much I love this photo. It's probably my favorite out of all of them.

Here's more of a home-y picture, of my silly puppy, sleeping on top of the couch like a cat!

YUMMY swedish pancakes with honey!

I love these little flowers!

Who knew you could find driftwood...away from the ocean?

more driftwood :)
That's it for my pictures...I'm sorry there are so many of them...but I really loved taking them, I spent like an hour outside just taking pictures. I hope you guys enjoy...I really loved taking and editing them :)


  1. Yay! Another homeschooler. ;)

    I *LOVED* your photos - especially the little canyon...*sighs* if only my photos were half as good...


  2. Aww thanks!! pssshhh I think your photos are awesome!! And plus you are like 1,000,000,000x more craft-y than don't be complaining! :)